Games With Two MCS?

I’ve only played two like this (These Reluctant Years and The Odessa Dating Game) but I really like both of them because they have two characters you can customize!

I’m curious if there are any more WIPS or completed games like that?


There is Divided we Fall which takes place during the Spanish Civil war and has 4 MCs IIRC.


Fallen Hero has two customizable … bodies… but they’re both controlled by the same MC. They do tend to live two very different lives though, with each of them even having their own RO if you want. But you probably know this one already, considering how popular it is.

I also remember playing a WIP on dashingdon a long time ago with two MCs, where one was a hero and the other the villain of the story, but I don’t remember much else unfortunately. Maybe someone else knows which one I’m talking about.


The Cursed Lady and The Weakest Knight had the similar feature. 2 options for MC, and the one who isn’t chosen acts as companion.


I’m not sure how similar these are to the WIP’s you’re listing, but from memory Twin Flames has 2 characters. 3 games also has multiple protags (although it’s not a romance.)

Pretty sure that one is called Become Mortal, Villain MC doesnt necessarily have to be evil, same with the hero


Yes!!! That’s the one!

City of Immortals but it’s on

Is there a reason that link says the page is private or doesn’t exist? Can I still play it or is it gone :sob:

Are you a member of the Adult Readers group? If not, that’s why you wouldn’t be able to access Become Mortal. You join the group from your profile page, iirc.

My first game, Nuclear Powered Toaster, has two MCs to choose from, although their names are set (oh the folly, oh the shame!). My current WIP, a continuation of the Cinderella fairy tale called The Day After Ever After, also has two selectable MCs, and those are both customizable in name (although they have set backgrounds).

Link for NPT: Nuclear Powered Toaster

Link for Day After:


Become Mortal has two MCS but i’m not sure if it is still getting worked at. Shame really it was a good wip.

My WIP, Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! lets you customize both the MC and their twin. There’s only one POV, but there’s quite a lot of possible customization options between them, including appearance, personality, and relationship with each other.


Oh yeah I’ve played yours. It’s great!

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If you’re talking about the Dashingdon link, I have no idea since it works for me, but if you’re talking about the actual forum page, most likely because you’re not in the adult readers group

I find games with multiple MCs fascinating because there’s so much story potential.

So of course I play them a certain way: