Games with timed choices

Hi, I was wondering if there are any games with a timer on the choices to make the game more exciting. Of course, you shouldn’t use timers for choices that require some thinking like character creation etc. but it would definitely make the game more exciting in certain scenarios like if you’re forced to choose saving one supporting character or another and there’s a penalty if you take too long to decide. I miss telltale games tbh. Lol.

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No, there are not, and that function is not supported in Choicescript. Sorry!


And I must say, I am quite happy that it is that way. Not because I need that mich time to decide, but as a foreign reader I need more time to understand the choices. I always wished telltale Had a difficulty setting for non native speakers.


While I agree it would be very interesting to see such a thing exist, I also have to concur with @Kaelyn that it would not be all that desirable. Literally the most liked reply I have in any thread over the 5+ years I have been here is one where someone asked about things you hate in games and I mentioned time limits because I don’t like to be rushed. Time limits add a lot of stress to a game. That’s not inherently bad, but it’s also a bit too much like real life to allow for proper escapism at times.

Signed, someone who takes 2-3 hours for each four-island playthrough of Into the Breach (and loves every minute of it).


Take it from someone who experienced it firsthand, interactive fiction and timers do not go well together. A couple years back, I downloaded borderzone, an espionage game from the 80s by one of my favorite companies of all time, the plot was fascinating but the timer mechanic screwed the whole thing up and you had to constantly keep track of what you were doing and make sure you were doing stuff at the exact right time and with all the reading you had to do… Not good at all. True, it didn’t have the same mechanics as choice based IF but the problem still stands, Reading plus thinking plus timer mechanics don’t go well together

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I’d say one issue with timers, especially in text heavy games is varying reading speeds, which would either incentive speed reading/skim reading (that could lead to certain details being missed) or appear to be punishing players/readers who for what could be a variety of reasons, read more slowly.