Games with Older Love Interests?


All I want is a game with an older (male) love interest. Was utterly blue-balled by I, Cyborg which gave us Smárason and then made him unromanceable despite all the chemistry there and opportunities that could have been taken. Some people are attracted to older men/women but I feel like games always make the love interests young and beautiful and this depresses me so much because it honestly just makes me feel like people don’t see the handsomeness/beauty in older characters. I have played a LOT of COG and can’t think of one with a love interest you could actually romance who was older (like middle aged.)

Are there any?


Preston or Dan Schmid in Tin Star are not young and there are some others where the age of a person is not mentioned. Since I myself am older, I always imagine the people not classified as a special age, around my age^^


In midsummer night one of the romance is a middle aged/ older knight. I was actually surprised by how good it was when we consider that I usually hate old/young couple. In my version it was a woman but the character sex is changeable.


I believe Hollywood Visionary has one of the widest range of love interests in the CoG catalogue which include mature choices.


Aren’t there only two? The actor and the mechanic I think.


There’s a female age-gap romance in Fog of War. You can also have a fling with Mayor Ferro in Blood Money. He’s a silver fox, if a bit of a dodgy guy.

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Fallen Hero is good for older romances in general, as is Affairs of the Court.


180 Files: The Aegis Project has Agent 100 but it’s a slow burn and the game isn’t released yet.


I just imagine the dudes are my age (but you are right, it’s annoying AF) CURIOUS CUISINE is a wip but has em I think…GRIM AND I and LOVE AT ELEVATION dont specify I think?


Agreed! I would love seeing more mature and wrinklier Romance options. Not just in looks but in personality and life wisdom as well c:
Most of the current romance options are all young and pretty, not everyone’s taste


Wayhaven Chronicles doesnt specify age


That’s as much as a problem to me. If something isn’t obvious or commented about, it’s pretty often meaningless
I LIKE that my choices, likes and dislikes are commented about, just like it is in real life


The youngest main RO in CuCu is 32/33 if I got my notes right


But they are vampires. So no matter how old they are all still pretty/handsome, hence why I don’t think they count here.


Honestly, @gamesarefun, I feel your pain - and so does my fiancee. We’re always talking about the lack of older men and women to romance in these and other kinds of games. It’s one of the reasons I’m incorporating an older male romance option in Time of Genius. But, I always wonder why it is that these kinds of romance options are avoided. Is it because creators think the majority of their audience is too young to be interested in them? Because, there are plenty of older people playing games in the modern era, and there are plenty of young players that wouldn’t at all mind romancing someone older.

I wonder if it’s more of a case of creators trying not to set up anything uncomfortable or creepy; I know that when I was planning out my older romance option, a big concern of mine was ‘how old is too old?’ But, I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. People want what they want and there is certainly an active interest out there; it’s not like anyone’s being forced to romance a character outside their age range.


Man i feel this thread,
Sadly for me the little ones that do offer such things (like in this thread) aren’t my type of games lol.
RIP silver foxes.


An older RO does not automatically mean, that there is a great gap, people like me, might also like playing an MC that is more then 25 years old^^


I didn’t really specify ages in Blood Money but FWIW I envisage the MC and their love interests as being slightly over 30 (mostly because I am, heh) :slight_smile:

Next time I write something that isn’t about teenagers, I will make sure that there are some older and/or age-gapped romances :grin:


Garad from my WIP, Mass Mother Murderer, is 35. Granted, that’s not really middle age, but it’s pretty close.

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I played Blood Money and liked it very much. It would be a really nice thing to have a game with older characters. I do not mind occasionally to play highschool or College kids, the funny part is, often the kids act like grown ups. But perhaps its only me, that was really stupid and strange as a teen. :joy:

@Samuel_H_Young thats good to know, the game is nothing for me, but it is nice, that you thought about us elders^^