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I’ve used the method shown in this post to track all the possible character creations (stats etc) - Generate Statistics About Your Stats

And…this is what I did in my startup file -

I’ve mentioned all the stat variables that I wanna keep track of and… when I run it on the terminal, it shows the options etc, it saves the output in a text file and also on an excel file.
This is what it shows in the excel file -

I was kinda expecting a table or something that shows the max values a player could get on a specific stat and what the other stats would be when he does that.
IDK, pls point out what I’m doing wrong :sob: :sob:

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Have you tried different ways of opening the file in Excel?

That sounds weird, but I work with Excel a lot in my job, and find that I will sometimes get different results with .csv files if I open them up by double-clicking the file in Windows VS using Excel’s “open file” method.

@Sargent, any idea what might be going on here?

ETA: Maybe I’m misunderstanding your post, actually. If you just need the table, you will have to use Excel’s chart functions to build on yourself. You can find that in the “insert” menu, where it says “Recommended Charts.”

The one Stephen used in the thread you linked was a histogram, which you can read the Microsoft help file for here.

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You have to put *comment savestats wherever you want to save the stats you specified in the startup. Then run randomtest with x amount of iterations and every time the game passes over that *comment savestats will save the stats in a new row for each iteration.


Yep, I did open a histogram, didn’t get it the way I wnated tho

I did Try this, got the same result as shown in the Excel pic. I put that comment after an option where the stats are set, increased etc.

Maybe I should put it before, idk? How do authors do it then? Any idea?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If you put it before the choice, you’ll have a list of the values that that stat has before reaching the choice.
If the choice needs the stat at 20 or more and you run the randomtest 10.000 times and don’t get any stat greater than 20 that option won’t be chosen ever.

That’s one way to use it, but you can figure out your own to solve your problems.

For example, if I want to make a 3-step choice on strength

*comment savestats
  *if str <20 #Option 1
  *if str >20 and str < 50 #Option 2
  *if str >50 #Option 3

And I run the randomtest 100.000 times just before that option, I’ll get a list of every strength stat the game had before that option.
Then you can see with MAX and MIN in excel what is the range that str has and tune the choices range for that specific stat at that specific point of the game.

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Thanks a lot :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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