Game on Controversial Issue


Would it be a game where a controversial issue is a main theme and plot device be accepted as a hosted game if it met the other criteria?

How about if it was an allegory instead of using the actual example?


Depends on what the issue is, and how the allegory is presented.


I doubt it. People here get offended way too easily.


Sounds great! Sounds terrible!

Hard to tell without specifics.


The situation is an organization sending rockets into a country and the country receives negative media attention for fighting back. You would play as the prime minister and need to reach peace before parliament dissolves, the country is destroyed in terms of population, or the country is condemned for being inhumane.

So, Israel.


Looks cool really just don’t use real names and all be fine. Apple doesn’t allow games with real names and bombs genocides et


Israel is a serious issue. You should be fine. So long as everyone is pansexual ovo-lacto vegetarian agnostics.




And please no forced rape scenes since twilight there are everywhere . Lol


The country received negative media attention for killing 70% civilians, out of those 200+ children, so go figure. Not to mention that they keep moving their borders.


Excuse you, i am a pansexual ovo-lacto vegetarian agnostic. But honestly i doubt it would be much of an issue, the plan is to reach peace so it could almost be considered activism at a certain point. I would buy it.


Everything needs to be “controversial” in order for it to become interesting lols. People just like to argue and make their point even if they are already annoying or seem rude to other people.


Controversy doesnt mean bad, in fact i really enjoyed JFK reloaded