Game Mechanics: Slot Machine Simulator in ChoiceScript


Play The One Finger Bandit (Download Code). Slot Machine Simulator in ChoiceScript that demonstrates the concept of a main game loop, and scoring system using choicescript to mimic the behavior of arrays, loops, functions, switches and other programming constructs. A stepping stone towards more complex game mechanics.

Re-playability with Game Mechanics

Spins: 138 Credits:140

I never win on these things in rl, so I just had to cash out on a high… :smiley:

Very clever, and doubtless educational - looking forward to delving into the code!


Somewhat of an interesting setup. Perhaps it can be implemented as a way to make a working in-game casino, why stop at slots? There’s plenty (if not all) games related to gambling that could be broken down to formulas to use in code.