Freelance artist open for commissions and projects!

Hi there! My name is Raven/Bird (she/her), I’m a freelance artist open to collaborate with writers or take commissions from people!

Whether it be for your story or just for personal use, I’m open to collaborate with you on getting you fantastic art you would like to see!

Price Sheets




For Work:

  • I can create designs and concepts for characters in your story! Whether to help give an idea of what your character looks like, or make a finalized portrait of your story, I can do it!
  • I can create promotion artwork, artwork within your story, and cover illustrations.

For personal uses:

  • Got a MC from a story you like? Want to see them fleshed out and designed? I can draw them for you!
  • This also includes drawing your MC with an RO!
  • These are personal ONLY, not to be used in stories and just for enjoyment.

If you are interested in commissioning me, you can DM me or email me at .


Hi there. Well i don’t need any arts at the moments but i just wanted to say that your illustrations look lovely :heart: Good luck!!