Free Windhammer Prize Stories Online
Check these stories out – they are better-written than the average game in beta test here on the forums, and much better than 95% of stories at or You can find previous years’ entrants and winners in the left sidebar.

ChoiceScript authors could take a few notes on how stats and interactivity are handled in these stories. Some are very inventive. Also, I’m sure the entrants and folks running the Windhammer Prize this year would appreciate your voting and feedback. And you have a year to write an entry for 2013 – cash prizes for the winners, and no scripting language to learn or debug!

I’m not associated with Windhammer or Arborell in any way, and, since the stories are free, they shouldn’t be competing with anything that CoG is doing.

I’m sure you didn’t mean it to, but your post comes off as a little insulting, please remember that while most games on this forum are indeed WIPs, a lot of hard work and effort has gone into them and many people won’t appreciate being told that this or that is ‘much better’ and they should ‘go check it out!’

I agree with CJW…I don’t think it was intentional, but I found your remark about being better written than the average game in beta test on this site slighting insulting. Word choice is key, friend.

I don’t think it’s insulting at all, since the games he was referring to are those which are still being developed. A painting half done is undeniably less interesting than a completed one, generally speaking. If he’d said “Better written than the average Choicescript game” then he would have sounded insulting; but he didn’t, so he doesn’t.

He said ones being beta tested, which would be ones that are close to release. And you can have your opinion and I have mine; to me it was slightly insulting.

Edit: But it isn’t really that big of a deal. I am certainly not upset or even offended, just wanted to caution against word choice.

There’s nothing really wrong with the games on that site but I’ve gotta disagree and say, personally, I was pretty turned off just browsing through some of them. I just find having to have a piece of paper to write down stats and stuff in my inventory old-fashioned and tired.

I was appealing to readers, not necessarily writers. And, yes, I believe they are better written than much of the stuff here. JimD, Vendetta, ScarletGeisha, et al, post spellchecked writing with well-considered plots and characters, and even paragraph breaks. Many of the other titles here are directionless walls of quasi-lolspeak.

If you disagree the Windhammer entries are better written than the latter group, go back to school.

I’ll agree the gamebook style isn’t for everyone (not even hyperlinks between choices and paragraphs?), and some might prefer longer works, but as far as concise prose with nifty ideas and mechanics, I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of each year’s Windhammer entries.

as a story i would say your point is debatable as a game i must agree with dooly

Okay, I was tolerant before, but now you are being blatantly insulting. Now, I never once said anything negative about the other site, and there is some truth to what you say as far as quality of some of the games here, but every single one is the product of someone having an idea and taking their free time to build it and share it with us. You can promote the other site as much as you want, but I find doing so by disrespecting other work on here unacceptable. Nor do I appreciate being told to “go back to school” if I don’t see something the same way you do. That’s just childish.

And I’m probably being too harsh. I don’t know. I just take people’s creative endeavors quite seriously.

nah wolfwriter I’d say your comment was fairly reasonable

Yeah it’s the " go back to school " line that got me.

You catch more flys with honey.


I catch flys with chopsticks

Of course there’s a difference in quality. The Windhammer entrants are picked out, are they not? To compare them to people who post their unfinished work on a web forum (where ANYONE can make a thread) is really unfair, especially considering that the Windhammer entrants are probably much farther along and more polished than a work someone posted in the CoG forums. The CoG forums are a lot like a writing workshop, and the Windhammer competition is the mostly finished products of a workshop. So, yeah, you are going to just get the cream of the crop with the competition.

Hmm, I guess my first sentence does kind of sound like “All of CoG sucks, but check these stories out!” Not what I intended. I just wanted to share a new trove of well-written finished works, after sifting through so many abandoned four-page drafts here.

I can’t fault the quality of writing with the entries but I’m not looking to catch writers out for grammatical inexactitudes. Maybe I’m just a lazy teen but it’s not a very fun game if I’m having to write stats down and turn to the back page to find out why X does Y.

I’m no grammar nazi and everyone is different; as long as I can understand the gist of what’s been written and still enjoy the game, then I’m a happy bunny!

In either case. I guess we’ll all just agree to disagree! :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I do appreciate you posting the link since I managed to find some good stuff!

It’s all right. I’m glad you brought attention to them, however. Some of these really use gameplay effectively and beautifully. The stats aren’t just standard “strength, dexterity, blah blah blah” but goes deeper. I’m starting to play the Guild of Thieves one, and the gameplay really struck me. It’s easy to get stuck in a box when you’re writing a game, but these really stick out because they are free, and the stats are an active part of the story. Very cool.

I retract my defence.