New draft posted!

  • Typos

  • Throughout: Standardized all references to the main city in Ruffino’s Duchy (Port Covens)

  • II, iii: fixed capitalization errors among Wendell/Gwendell pronoun variables. Standardized feedback blurbs for Kitty Harlowe to [+/- Harlowe].

  • III, i: removed double page break at *label gramercy_arrival

  • III, iii: standardized feedback blurbs for Tom Fletcher to [+/- Fletcher]

  • Stats: fixed display error for Surety >= 60

New draft posted!

From the author:
Per reader feedback I’m in the process of reworking the Tom & Audrey romance options to help PCs get to know them better before getting one and only one chance to proposition them. I moved the proposition *choices from their previous spot in II, iii to an awkward temporary spot in III, i right now so the relationships can still be set and the rest of the game isn’t broken. When anyone gets to that point in testing it’ll feel strange; please bear with me that this is among my next punch list items! (there’s a double-duty scene I have in mind for early in III, i, that’ll both let players know Audrey better and advance the rival/Bardbrood plotline). So I’d encourage testers to not stress too much about detailed feedback about the Audrey/Tom relationship sections in III, i right now.

Throughout: Typos and spacing, some pronoun errors

I, iv: fixed continuity error with whose performance you follow. Fixed display error related to signature item. Fixed error where Malodoro could have multiple contradictory reactions to your performance. Continuity error with receiving a ring from Malodoro.

II, iii: reworked text, rewards, and options in free time choice before leaving for tour. Moved romance propositions from II, iii into III, i to give players more time to get to know Tom/Audrey. Added new gambling scene with Tom. Made rival (Wendell/Gwendell) romanceable.

III, i: fixed continuity issue related to not getting Harlowe’s help when menaced by Bisqueath in the first courtly performance. Fixed continuity/indentation error that meant you could meet Bisqueath twice at the start of the royal feast. Added Audrey/Tom propositions in a placeholder location.

IV, i: fixed display issue with act/scene headers. Fixexd continuity error with Audrey’s banishment not taking into account whether or not you found the assassin together.

stats: made fortune from stars visible to players.


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