First Person vs. Second Person

There’s been a few good discussions on these forums about 1st vs 2nd person perspective. Here’s a link to one of them with my thoughts:

Ultimately, the magic won’t work on every reader—not everyone is willing to roleplay. It is the difference between being in the story and taking on the persona of someone in the story. It’s a huge difference, and it’s mostly about control.

In 2nd person, the author can’t make strong narrative assumptions and can’t write with distinct tones for fear of losing reader immersion. ‘You eat a piece of bacon’ is more than enough to break immersion for vegetarians. It’s a small example, but you can see that control is in the reader’s hands.

In 1st person, the author can make very strong narrative assumptions, write with tones and have a personality behind the words inbetween choices. The feel of the narrative (very technical!) is going to be less bland and come across less generic because it’s not for every reader, just one: the one who has taken on MC’s persona.

My guess is that you were unable to adopt a persona outside of yourself. That’s perfectly fine! I’d go on to say that the appeal for 1st-person CYOA games isn’t as broad as 2nd-person, but I find the other benefits more than worthwhile!