Finding the max of many values?

I have an event in my game that I’d like to trigger when any one of half a dozen factions’ strength reaches 100%. Does ChoiceScript have a Math.MAX() function? If not, I can probably use a bunch of if statements - is there a way to do something like:

if faction1 > 99 || faction2 > 99 || faction3 > 99 …

etc. ?

No, but CSLIB does!

Which you’re free to copy out and reuse, if you don’t want to utilise the whole library.


Looks good, thank you!

Can you share an example using max? I installed the files but I can’t find one using max in the examples folder. Thanks so much!

*gosub_scene cslib_number max 1 700 99 5 4 2
${cslib_ret} === 700