Feature suggestion


I have suggestion for two new features that I’d like to see in ChoiceScript. Basically a *fake_choice for *if. As *if and *choice are, you have to end with a *goto or *finish. However, *choice has *fake_choice, which removes this restriction. I propose a similar *fake_if / *fake_else / *fake_elseif group of commands that lets you converge back on one body of text.

*label pick_a_number
Pick a number between 1 and 100. 
*input_number choice 1 100
*fake_if (choice > 50)
 Your number is above 50. 
*fake_elseif (choice < 50)
 Your number is below 50.
 Your number is 50. 

Pick another number. 
*goto pick_a_number

This way, whatever the result, you’ll end up with ‘Your number is (…) 50. Pick another number.’


You can already do this with the existing commands. You don’t need to have gotos or finish after if statements.

Checking the wiki it says you do need to have them if you use elseif and else. If you just use plain ifs though, you don’t.