Family and marriage life in interactive games

I’m all about self sovereignty but that’s a bit too far you could put it for adaption least instead of ending both you lives. Mara what happens if your long term partner wants a child?

Mara this is what weird I see this with both men and woman and from own person experience if you meet the right person they can change how feel about all of this.

My mother is a sociopath clinically treated that takes terribly my born that changed her mentally she started paranoid behaviour consumed drugs and she left me as baby alone in a closed car to die. Thankfully I was as baby what define al my life a fighter so I cry so loudly people called police. My dad and grandma both best people ever was already searching for me and protected me and denounce my mother. She maintained the hatred all times i saw her to point no idea if she is alive.

I am not sociopath but the mere idea of imaging that i could become like her makes me mad to point i have severe stress. I wil never have a baby and certainly not married due that would destroy me. I see great other friends marry and caring babies i like babies only there arent with my genes. And I see great marry but should not be assumed as the only way


I believe “the right person” for anybody would be a person that respects your beliefs, goals, feelings, and opinions and doesn’t try to force their own upon you. :relaxed:


My opinion is that it’s wonderful when it’s a choice in interactive fiction , but not when it’s automatically assumed to be the next step.

The constant image of “happy endings” being a settled down couple with children is prevalent in most media. While that is a perfectly valid decision, so is not wanting that…but that choice is often shown as something needed to be “corrected,” something the person needs to “grow up” about, or not even plainly viable.

I’d rather an ending be left open to headcanon than to have a character you previously had control over making such a drastic life choice and subsequent feelings about that choice without your input. It’s jarring, and a little hurtful. And it’s happens surprisingly frequently for how unfrequent this type of media is.

Basically, it’s great if it’s done and included with respect to the player’s own choice, but not when it’s because it’s considered the “default” life path and only type of satisfying conclusion.


Sure, for parents and grandparents who wanted it, it’s fantastic, and for many it is “a next step.” But it’s not everybody’s “next step”. My aunt ruined one of her closest friendships with a guy because dating and marriage were the obvious “next steps”. I’ve met several people who were not ready for kids, didn’t want kids, were expected to have kids, and now suck at parenting and are miserable, and their kids suffer for it.

But the idea that a life is “empty” without kids, or that you’re selfish for going that route is both socially pervasive and wrong. You can find fulfillment in life without kids, and many are happier that way. People who genuinely love their careers and their friends. People who are with a partner/partners they love, and are happy just being together. People who just don’t consider themselves fit for parenthood, and choose not to go that route.


Neither the religious nor the legal meaning are very pressing, at least here in Germany. Not that I could not understand it, it is just not my thing personally. No offence , what someone believes is their own thing, and I would not think less of religious people. There is a lot worse stuff people believe in, but most religions are not too fair to women. At least in their original context.


At the end I really don’t care if I get married or have kids. I would rather have it in the middle of the game where I could enjoy my family.


:nauseated_face: Probably would want that pre established.

Anyway, generally dislike settle down having kids as a happy ending. I don’t really buy into “unconditional love” so I’m pretty sure I’d hate my kid anyways. Kind of amazed when straight sex is explicitly referred to and doesn’t lead to a baby when in a story heavy format. If the kid happened part way through I’d be more accepting as at the very least they’d affect things, I’d see it a screw you if just mentioned in the epilogue. And of course if you have some agency over it with some kind of birth control then I’d take back my complaints.

I guess if the game was pretty realistic I’d might lighten up on it, but I still wouldn’t completely forgive it unless it went far enough as to include something like STD’s since the they’re not just including the idealized family life.

I don’t really view marriage as important. It’s just a waste of money to me. So I tend to have my mc get married just because the other character tends to care.


I agree with this, some are like someone who wants to have children but he can’t be fixed because his wife can’t get pregnant, take the positive and he can play or can he Feels like being a father, but I’m very sad because many disagree but it’s okay because it’s his choice