Fall out of choice


It can’t open a file (however this issues happens sometimes when I’m using the program too long)


Ahh, that’s unfortunate. Once you get everything restarted, please let us know if anything changed. :slight_smile:


So far, only issues I’m getting is just “cannot open puremom file” or similar. Thanks so much!


If you see this happen it’s generally good practice to have a generic *else that provides a fallback of some kind; the reason the tester throws an error is that it can’t determine the variable will always match. So it’s possible you’re wrong about it only being those values, and using an *else is more readable. The *else should do the thing you want to happen if it’s not any of those values; informative error message is probably best. The alternative option is to automatically correct the value in some fashion and proceed, but unless it’s actually typed in by the user you’re usually better off getting an error page right away so you can fix it.