QuickTest errors

Hey so I’ve run into some problems with quicktest. The biggest one being that the test says

“Error: line 120: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.”

and my actually “code” seems to be legit.

" …*goto gender

(line 120) #Enlisted into the military
You figured the military could teach you as much as college…"

Sorry for all the questions that may seem stupid, but i really appreciate the help!

Do you have a label named gender or maybe you spelled something wrong like i would do
(*line brake… stupid porter)

@curreylo For something like this it’s often a good idea to post a larger chunk of your code. Use < pre> before it and < /pre> after it (but without those spaces) to retain your indentation on the forum.