Evertree Inn Maximum Stat Bonus Guide (Chapter 6 and Chapter 7)

Aaaaand we are done (with this book)! Here’s the link to the final Evertree Inn guide, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7:

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 and Chapter 5


Nice! What stats do you have at the end of the book?

80% Combat
54% Guile
99% Perception (not sure why it isn’t 100%)
70% Magic

16 Gold
105 Mana

90% Dryad Trust
60% Laisa Trust
87% Lamuel
80% Wen
Gilly’s Dead so 0%
35% Tobin
85% Gunther, although I had 100% before they set it automatically at the very end.
60% Dandy
And then Isaria’s also dead.

It’s a little hard to tell if all the clues are maxed out, but I think clue 11 isn’t.


Are you planning on making guide for Sordwin ?

May I ask, why you always make a new thread? Would it not be better to have everything in one place?

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@Maxx yes, I am planning to, but I haven’t started it yet.

@Kaelyn I’m very new to posting on forums. This thread has all the links in the first post, though, and I’ve finished the guide for Evertree Inn.

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Nice guide! I followed everything except going to the cellar (I chose D. Thorne :heart_eyes:). I got maximum points for the clues in all of the chapters except for the chapter 2.

Glad it helped!

i was looking foward to this guide thank you!

No problem :smiley:

I am still kind of sad that Gilly have to die I wish it was only that musician elf but I guess it was bound to happen

Yeah, I feel the same :frowning:

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1 - A Luxican official named Gregori Risenfaal was murdered in room 3 a week ago with a wooden hair comb
2 - Mr. Dupree died at the inn, 5 years ago, falling into the wood cellar.
3 - The mystery of your stolen 3 gold pieces has been resolved.
4 - Wen was adopted by Mrs. Dupree after her parents disappeared into the woods eight years ago.
5 - The VIP, Isaria Evenveil, has been strangled using a wooden pendant she stole from the inn.
6 - The cook has been stabbed with one of the inn’s missing carving knives.
7 - Mrs. Dupree didn’t like Mr. Risenfaal leering after her daughter.
8 - The face you saw was the face of the dryad of the Evertree.
9 - The Dupree family left Lux to get away from a Luxican criminal syndicate called the Circle.
10 - Mr. Dupree built the inn after discovering the Evertree, a magical tree in the forest that produces perfect wood and regrows no matter how much you chop away.
11 - Two of the Blackstone Thieves’ Guild killed each other at the inn (one bludgeoned with a wooden doorstop, the other strangled) and Mrs. Dupree and Leah covered it up.
12 - Daisy can do magic.
13 - Four people have all died in their rooms in the last few months.
14 - Gunther Ga’arl is investigating the death of Gregori Risenfaal, a member of the criminal organisation known as the Circle.
15 - The dryad responsible for all the deaths at Evertree Inn has been appeased.

Is just in case someone was wondering if they miss any clue this is all of them for book 1 but for clue 11 you need to date Leah for it to be complete


Do you plan to make similar guides to the rest of the series (Sordwin and Lux)

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I was going to, but truthfully I haven’t made any progress in months.

I did start the Sordwin guide, but I got stuck at the part where you have a limited time to find clues. There’s complicated stuff to figure out, like which clues are worth finding and how much time each action takes, and my ADHD brain is having a hard time self-motivating.

Your comment has made me want to try again though :stuck_out_tongue:

Try looking at the code and figure out what correct combination of buildings to go to and look through each action you might see.

Figured it out, I have the files, go to Evertree Saga file

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What do you think about the files I sent

That’s very considerate of you, but I was already using the code.

Any progress you made?