Evertree Inn Maximum Stat Bonus Guide (Chapter 6 and Chapter 7)

Aaaaand we are done (with this book)! Here’s the link to the final Evertree Inn guide, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7:

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 and Chapter 5


Nice! What stats do you have at the end of the book?

80% Combat
54% Guile
99% Perception (not sure why it isn’t 100%)
70% Magic

16 Gold
105 Mana

90% Dryad Trust
60% Laisa Trust
87% Lamuel
80% Wen
Gilly’s Dead so 0%
35% Tobin
85% Gunther, although I had 100% before they set it automatically at the very end.
60% Dandy
And then Isaria’s also dead.

It’s a little hard to tell if all the clues are maxed out, but I think clue 11 isn’t.


Are you planning on making guide for Sordwin ?

May I ask, why you always make a new thread? Would it not be better to have everything in one place?

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@Maxx yes, I am planning to, but I haven’t started it yet.

@Kaelyn I’m very new to posting on forums. This thread has all the links in the first post, though, and I’ve finished the guide for Evertree Inn.

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Nice guide! I followed everything except going to the cellar (I chose D. Thorne :heart_eyes:). I got maximum points for the clues in all of the chapters except for the chapter 2.

Glad it helped!

i was looking foward to this guide thank you!

No problem :smiley:

I am still kind of sad that Gilly have to die I wish it was only that musician elf but I guess it was bound to happen

Yeah, I feel the same :frowning: