Error: variables line 1579: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *choice

I’ve tried fixing it in every way I know: changing the label’s name, changing indentation in general… HELP! Please take a look at my code and see if you find a mistake that I’m not seeing. It appears to be a problem with the label “Contibue” (yes, with a b), but I don’t understand what it is.

#Let's go to the amusement park.
		The amusement park is poorly illuminated, with a few places being in complete darkness. It smells of burned sugar and cotton candy, the odor lingering in your nostrils, warm, heavy, moist even. A circus melody plays in the background, although the sound system is so old that the rhythm gets slightly slower and low-pitched. You'd expect an abandoned place to be, well, abandoned, but there are people - humanoids, at least - everywhere. None of them working, mind you. There are no operators, only visitors. Couples holding hands, kids running from an attraction to the next, young men and women laughing in small groups, they all are having fun. 
		[i]"I thought you said it was abandoned."[/i] You muse. 
		[i]"It is abandoned. By the living."[/i] She laughs at your surprised face. [i]"It only exists here, in the spiritual world now, but it was somewhere in the US one day. There are still a few stupid souls here that think they're alive."[/i]
		[i]"Not exactly the worst punishment."[/i] You retort, earnestly curious about this. 
		[i]"We can't do much about suicidals. They don't see demons or angels, don't believe they died and eventually..."[/i] She trails off. 
		What? You need to know! You plead with your eyes, so the guard takes a deep breath and answers: [i]"They go crazy, ${name}. That's their punishment, and Sate thinks it's enough. Souls like these suffered a great deal already, or they wouldn't commit suicide as a solution to their problems."[/i]
		Hearing that, all you can think is: 
			#[i]"Sate's not as bad as I thought he would be."[/i] And you say so.
			#[i]"Sate's not as bad as I thought he would be."[/i] But you feign disapproval, telling her it's too much.
			#[i]"Sate's not as bad as I thought he would be."[/i] But you feign disapproval, telling her it's too little.
			#[i]"This is already too much. They shouldn't be punished at all."[/i] And you say so.
			#[i]"This is already too much. They shouldn't be punished at all."[/i] But you feign approval, saying it's perfect as it is.
			#[i]"This is already too much. They shouldn't be punished at all."[/i] but you feign disapproval, saying it's too little.
			#[i]"Sate's being to lenient. They deserve worse."[/i] And you say so. 
			#[i]"Sate's being to lenient. They deserve worse."[/i] But you feign disapproval, telling her it's too much.
			#[i]"Sate's being to lenient. They deserve worse."[/i] But you feign approval, telling her it's perfect.
		[i]"Personally, I think Sate's a wimp."[/i] Lily chuckles, looking at you with no judgment in her expression. [i]"But it's not my job to manage eternal damnation, so whatever."[/i]
		After this brief conversation, one of the attractions catches your attention. You grin at the sight of the...
					This beautiful ride is entirely aquatic. Seahorses, seals, fishes, jellyfishes and sea rays all swim in an endless circle, lit from inside out with blue hues. Green algae hang from the ceiling, and they are made of plastic, but they emit an amazing glow that makes their stillness worthwhile. There is a single white shark, and it's fit for three. Its teeth are silver, to match its eyes.
					With a childlike merriness, you go on ahead. 
				*if (lily >50) 
					[i]"Wait for me!"[/i] Lily calls, an amused look on her face.
					*set ridewithlily true
					*goto ridingthishorse
					[i]"You go on, I'll wait here. I find the carousel particularly humiliating."[/i] Lily murmurs. Well, it's her loss.
					*goto ridingthishorse
				*label ridingthishorse
				Which animal will you pick?
						This one in particular is exuberant, a vibrant mixture of orange, green and yellow. You sit in a few of its scales, that make a bench for its rider. There is nowhere to hold on to, so you embrace the animal's neck and get ready.
						A gray seal stands ready for you, wearing a silver and gold saddle that is more comfortable than it looks. This creature is so cute! You caress its nose to make sure it's not real, before sitting on it.
						You choose a golden catfish that reflects the carousel lights in a thousand different nuances. It makes you feel like  royalty. If only they handled you a crown...
					#Sea Ray.
						A black and silver sea ray greets you with a painted smile. It's the highest one, so you need a ladder to climb the animal.
						The white shark is impressive in size: the biggest and most fearsome ride. Do you want to share it with your guide?
							#Share it with Lily.
								You gesture the guard to join you.
								*if (lily >50)
									She gladly climbs behind you and holds onto the handle, a grin plastered on her face. You both keep quiet, enjoying each other's company and the overall experience.
									*set lily %+ 5
									*goto keepriding
									She shakes her head, eyes ablaze as if you had offended her.
									*set lily %- 5
									*goto keepriding
							#Go on your own.
						The jellyfish is ablaze with colors and lights. Ranging from purple to green, it keeps changing nuances and combinations until you're drunk in the colors.
				*label keepriding
				The carousel is perpetually spinning, a bit faster than you thought it would. The song reminds you of something distant, perhaps your childhood. For the first time since you arrived there is a glimpse of levity that brings back the life in your soul. However, sooner than expected the motors stop and it's time to leave.
			*hide_reuse#...haunted mansion.
				Lily joins you with no complaints, but you can feel that she's there to see your reaction, not for the jump-scares. You wonder how a haunted mansion can be scary for the dead, and that curiosity pulls you toward the place. 
				The door screaks, complaining at you for intruding. The atmosphere is hostile enough that every bit of you wants to turn around and go back to where you came from. It's a visceral certainty that whatever is ahead will not be pleasant. 
					#Go on.
						One step at a time, you somehow find the courage to move forward. A small trail of sweat runs down your neck, which is indeed uncomfortable, but makes you feel alive. There's a single door in front of you.
							#Open the door.
								You get in the room, and find your worst nightmare constructed in the most amazing detail. 
									#A clown.
										The creepiest clown you've ever seen stares, an empty bottle of rum in his hand. Laughing out loud, the old man throws the object at you and it shatters inches away from your head. He is coming closer now, and it is possible to see beads of sweat melting his white foundation. 
												You never imagined your voice could sound like that, but it did. Panic washed over you and materialized in the form of an almost inhuman cry.
												Without looking back you sprinted toward the exit, before being reached by a fat hand with an incredibly firm grip.
												*goto gobackwimp
											#Stay still
												Paralized. You can't move or even think straight as panic washes over you. 
										Then... He's gone. As if the clown had never existed in the first place.
										*goto uff
									#Spiders... lots of them.
										Every sort of arachnid is there, some running from you, some crawling at your legs as if to welcome you home. Their tiny legs leave a tingling sensation behind as they walk over your neck and into your mouth. A tarantula clings onto your shirt and its face is so close it's possible to see its eyes.
												You never imagined your voice could sound like that, but it did. Panic washed over you and materialized in the form of an almost inhuman cry.
											#Try to kill them all
												Stepping and punching blindly, you get every bit of you gross and dirty. Worse, it seems that there is no end to them, as they keep flowing in big groups from every hole, every possible space.
											#Try to shake them away
												Almost getting naked, you shake and pull your clothes in every direction in hope to get rid of those awful animals.
										Then... They're gone. As if those spiders had never existed in the first place. You're clothes are clean and ironed, your hair tidy. However, you can still feel them in your skin, tickling you. 
										*goto uff
									#I'm hanging over a cliff. 
										Scarier than a canyon or a waterfall, there was nothing bellow. This vacuum kept sucking you in, trying to pull you away from safety and out into the unknown. As much as you tried getting up and fighting agaisnt it, it's clear you don't stand a chance against this force of nature. Then it's over, all of a sudden, and you're lying on the ground as if you just got dizzy and fell.
										*goto uff
									#I'm naked in front of everyone.
										Everyone you remember from your life is around you, laughing and pointing. You touch your body and realize there is nothing covering you and now they can see everything. You're exposed. Each little flaw, each ugly detail is out in the open, for all to see.
											#Run away
												That was too much and you run towards the exit, hands shaking, a cold wind slashing at your back.
												*goto gobackwimp
												Tears roll down involuntarily as the humiliation proceeds. It is too much to take in, and you stand there, sobbing, while they mock you.
											#Close your eyes
												"It's not real" you say to yourself, pretending to be somewhere else. Anywhere. But when you open your eyes again, they're still there.
										Then, after the longest while of your existence... They're gone. As if none of them were there to begin with.
										*goto uff
									#I'm being chased by a murderer.
										A gorgeous person holds your hair back with a vicious elegance, exposing your jugular vein. A perfectly sharpenned knife is slowly approaching your neck and there is but seconds to respond.
											#Try to fight them.
												You throw punches and kicks in the air, and yet your limbs are heavy and slow, and you realize too late they're useless. As much as you want to save yourself, this body - your body - simply won't obbey you. 
											#Try to convince them to let you go.
												You try speaking, and yet each time you open your mouth nothing comes out of your throat. You feel like you're choking, and start gasping uslessly for air, until the warmth from your own blood starts caressing your neck. The psycho laughs, a fancy sound through fancy white teeth. 
												Tears of fear and guarded contempt stream down your face endlessly, because you [i]know[/i], deep down, that it's over. You're done. The salty, warm water burns against the fresh hot slash in your neck. You're a waterfall of blood and teardrops. 
											#Close your eyes.
												As you prepare silently for your abrupt ending, hold your own body for support. The killer runs the blade through your skin in one clean slash that tears you open. A river of hot blood washes over you and them, but it's comforting, in a twisted way. It's like drinking hot coccoa after crying. The relief. Even if you don't want to die, even if it's sad and terrifying, [i]even[/i] if it's out of your control, it's a wet blanket keeping you from the freezing glare of Death. 
										Then, after the longest while of your existence... They're gone. Your skin is as fresh as before and you take in your surroundings, remembering that this was a haunted house after all. 
										*goto uff
								#Give up.
									You're going to chicken out now? 
									Okay then.
									*goto gobackwimp
						#Go back.
							*label gobackwimp
							Lily is obviously desappointed. She laggs behind, her arms crossed and one raised eyebrow.
							*set lily %- 5
							*set willpower %- 3
				*label uff
				*goto contibue	
			*label contibue	
			*hide_reuse#...bumper cars.
				You arrive together at the empty ticket booth for the bumper cars. You go through the small gate without paying and stop in your tracks. 
				[i]"What is it now?"[/i]

				Before you is a colossal paved area, in which real cars crash into eachother, in an impossibly high speed, flying to all directions. A seven-year-old girl is giggling while throwing an old lady out of her convertible glass. A black porsche runs over the woman and blood splashes everywhere. Lily lets out a low-pitched chuckle before turning to stare at you. 
				[i]"Now, that is home"[/i]

If I understand correctly, this is an amusement park exploration sequence, where your character can choose between a carousel, a haunted mansion and bumper cars, explore an option, than return to the list of options minus an attraction you’ve already visited (hence *hide_reuse).

A few problems:

  1. lack of space after *hide_reuse (you need *hide_reuse #…carousel, not *hide_reuse#…carousel).
  2. Lack of *goto after some *choice options (where should one go after *label keepriding text, for example?). While it is technically possible to do with implicit comtrol flow, it’s better to use *goto in options anyway, or the game could jump to wrong labels.
  3. The *label contibue before *hide_reuse #...bumper cars. breaks the choice body. The program must be confused, because it looks like an option without a *choice command to it.

You should probably restructure this text. If you want to return to the list of attractions after exploring one of them, it should be more like:

After this brief conversation, one of the attractions catches your attention. You grin at the sight of the...
*label choose_attraction
        *hide_reuse #...carousel
               Exploring the carousel.
               Enough with that, you want to explore...
               *goto choose_attraction
        *hide_reuse #...haunted mansion.
               Going to the mansion.
               Enough with that, you want to explore...
               *goto choose_attraction
        *hide_reuse #...bumper cars.
               Ride bumper cars.
               Enough with that, you want to explore...
               *goto choose_attraction
        #...the exit.
               It's time to leave the park.
               *goto leave
*label leave
You go home.

Edit: strange choice of commands in the haunted mansion. That *fake_choice with #Go on option turns out to be very complicated and has many levels, probably should be replaced with *choice. And that *choice of reactions to #Spiders... lots of them. could as well be a *fake_choice.
And I strongly suspect the indentation for #Go on and #Go back options is wrong. You’ll probably end up with choices where your only option is to continue or open the door, while options for going back will be on wrong levels.


This. All the possible solutions to make this work will only clog the code further. Rewriting the whole section will rid you the indentation headache both now and in the future.

Like Kotosinica has said, create a label with all the attraction choices, then *goto to separate carousel/haunted house labels. That way all the labels have no indent and it’s much easier to read/modify the code.


Thanks guys! I’m kind of freaking out right now… I feel like I’ve made so much of a mess that I can’t fix it, but you helped me a lot! Again, thanks a LOT.

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