Empyrean Post-Release Thread

So…my main issue was that I wasn’t really sure HOW to side with the Combines and I kept pissing off Amro even though all I wanted to do was to romance him because I really liked him but I kept somehow making him angry and it was very sad. Can I get some advice?
(Sorry if this isn’t the right thread.)

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If you have ambition >50 you can ask him to have dinner with you on your first encounter. From then on I think it’s just being nice to him and choosing whatever lines up with his ideals.


How to gain relationship with Strephon? I’ve been trying to be civil to him (and sided with Rebellion obviously), and not punish him for his questionable actions, but he still ditched me at the ball.

Just saw this on a list of best new games for iOS and android for December 2016. So


This was AWESOME. Characters were well-written, the story telling was smooth-flowing and vivid, and walls of text were generally (or I didn’t notice 'em that much) avoided. I love the fact that no side is immediately branded as ‘good’ or ‘evil’, like the Combines may be corrupt, but they are the protectors of the city. What will happen if the rebels will succeed in usurping the head? Who will protect the citizens then? Will it be as efficient as a govt with adequate resources and experience? What about the rebels? Is it wrong to fight for their own beliefs, even at the risk of others? Nice to see those every once in a while.

I agree with @Karate though. For me, the stats were really frustrating to follow and develop, due to confusing definitions. One example was the stats on how to be a good pilot. Is it dependent on one stat alone like Nerve/Reaction? Or is it a combination of two or more? What does the Vigor stat even do? That kind of stuff. I recognize the intent of the author to obscure the choices to lessen the tendency of stat-number-crunching and focus more on the story (good call). Still, it is rather frustrating to die getting strangled near the end of a long playthrough simply because my character didn’t know how to remove the head apparatus thingy even with high Tech stat. (Save points would be nice.)

Still, I loved it! Quickly became one of my favorite stories. :slight_smile: I look forward to the author’s new work!


I really, really liked the game, too. Amazing setting, nice story and captivating characters! :slight_smile:

I just didn’t find the stats all that problematic, though… They seem to lean towards some combos, with up to 3 maxed through 1/4 of the game, and being able to keep 2 of them high with a mid-to-high 3rd, through the rest of it, but it’s relatively simple to see which of them fit better with another and how to try balancing the win/loss of each depending on the choices… Specially after a lot of trial and error. Not every choice, build or route has to work 100% of the time.

I don’t get either why would the OP consider a problem to restart the playthrough… The fun part of CoG games is not to have a mere 2h read and move on, but keep on working on the many choices and paths to follow, through days, or even weeks depending on the title and the need to min-max! I personally love when I have to restart these games many, many times, so to try a different approach, different stat combo or because of a wrong choice that lowers a main stat. I also feel it adds to the cost-benefit when it has content and length to allow for the reader to do so.

Overall, it’s a really good game, even with the different development of the stats.


The choices are weird sometimes, and I regret buying this game
I admit I checked the code (after I failed every single test I tried).
The problem is that instead of simply using one stat the game use two, and most of the time they don’t make sense.
For exemple, in a classic CoG game, a sneaking test would succeed if Cunning was above 80. In that case however, the test will succeed if Cunning+Vigor=100. Not only it doesn’t make sense (why Vigor instead of Finesse?), but it prevent ACTUAL success. I mean, I tried playing through the game with the code (which mean I knew the consequences to all choices) and I still fail because the stats combinaison system don’t make sense. It’s too bad, the characters are good, the story is original but the stat system prevents actual roleplay.
I don’t recommend the game. In the same genre, A Study in Steampunk is (in my opinion) better.


Where can I find the code?

I more or less gave up on trying to figure out how the stats worked and focused on building my relationships with the characters.

Question: is it possible, in any of the game’s endings, to have your character take over the city and personally rule it?

When it comes to RPGs that are all about factions competing with one another and requiring the player to choose which one to back, I consider that the mark of superior writing. Nothing’s more irritating than getting to the end and finding out your only choice is between which flawed leader you want to hand things over to after you did all the work.


A few complaints, since it’s all I’ve got nothing better to do.

I’m actually very frustrated with the stat system as well, since the stats don’t make sense. I would’ve liked a slower stat progression without the need for reducing my alternate stats. I mean I get that they wanted you to stick with a stat to increase, but it’s very frustrating to be able to use your say, Tech for one choice, but a few choices later, not be able to because of some unexpected increases in the opposite stat.

Also, I would’ve really liked a save system, since it’s a pretty long game. Like every chapter there’s a checkpoint, at least.

A good thing to add though would be notifications at least; something similar to the achievements notification for when certain stats increase to make it a whole lot easier to track your stats, and the option to turn it off, since I understand that it’s less immersive to constantly have popups every time you turn the page.


Can anyone help? I can’t get to romance lectini no matter what I do. I’ve gone with her to every event and every mission, been romantic, slept with her, ended the game with 90+ relationship, told her to stay in actorius so I’d protect her but the achievement just won’t come

What platform are you playing on? I just pushed a patch to web/iOS to fix this.

I just finished this game and I really liked it. Whatever revamp happened to the stats worked, I think. I had trouble at first because I put all my points into non-physical stats, but it corrected itself later.

I also really enjoyed my ending, since I got to recreate the end of the first Star Trek movie by merging myself with an enormous mechanical brain at the center of a swarm of robots. I also liked how complex your rival Strephone is.

Having played this and VtM: Night Road, I have to ask, do all of Kyle Marquis’s games have a complex vehicle system?

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Silverworld is less vehicle-oriented.


I loved playing this game coz I played this with the same approach I used to all interactive story games, before I had to worry about the building stats part of the game. I managed to unite the two factions in 3 different play throughs of the game. I love the narrative style, description of characters, the romance with the RO’s ( I played with Amro and Strephon in my game play throughs and got perfect endings with them. I managed to have a great discussion with the Electric Brain at the end and convince it to give up on its ambitions. In fact I was invited to return again for more intellectual discussions with it, in the future. Couldn’t save Ironface but allowed Wesh to end his suffering. Did not worry about focusing too much on building up my stats. Built my frndship with one RO and romancing the other (and vice versa)- different play throughs- and my stats got built up on their own

Did try convincing my father against his trying to harvest and control the Deep Tech. I didn’t succeed but I tried at least.

I loved the building up of a relationship with Captain Amro, from the one of being frnds to lovers. His old-fashioned approach to romance was charming in its own way.

And the contrasting romance with Strephon. From his jealousy, mistrust and open hostility towards me, coz of his determination to want to fly the Empyrean, and not let me do so. To helping him gain more allies for the revolution to earning his admiration by the time of Melanquei’s soiree. His attempts to impress me and the romantic time spent together during the ball. He may have been cruel and selfish but I did find him charming and endearing enough to save him and fight by his side against the DTC.

I’m ready for a 4th play through now.

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