That fee plus % of royalties system by itself might encourage more writers to seek your services. The idea makes sense for both parties and everyone likes a win/win.

@Fiogan Me just curious, how much does an editor charge? Is it by word count or by contract?

Depends on the editor. As a non-professional editing work on occasion to a level of “How I as a native Englishman use English” would be expecting >£50/hr to do what I’m doing for @Nekumura for free right now.

Others will charge per word, per x amount of words, or an hourly rate.

At any rate, if you wish to publish work via Hosted Games (or CoG - but CoG operates that brand differently, you can’t take a WIP to CoG - the CoG guys can tell you more, but if you want to go the CoG route, don’t start working until you’ve spoken with them) get it edited in some way, you will tank your sales if you don’t. I shan’t mention examples, but there are some games up on the Hosted Games that didn’t edit the text, they are difficult to read and not very engaging as a result.

Ohhh thank you I have no idea that some editors have different preferences. I assumed it all the same thing. Thanks for the clarification. Nah, my game can’t qualify as any game for CoG be Hosted cuz my English is too horrible. Lols still a thank you for the info. :sunglasses:

@Nocturnal_Stillness I’ll PM you to discuss it, if that’s all right.

@HornHeadFan That’s my hope, yes. And I want to encourage independent gaming and publishing as I can.

@boredhypocrite As @LordOfLA mentions, it varies widely. Here are some articles that discuss standard rates. They’re necessarily fairly high, as the folks who edit as a full time job need, and deserve, to make a good wage. Hence my idea of taking a smaller set rate and a commission, as some artists and musicians do, for working with independent authors.

Yeah that would be fine.

This can not be stressed enough. As an alpha/beta tester, I am very good at catching informal continuity and “big picture” plot and structure issues. I can help make your work a fan favorite by pointing out that a “cast of important characters” should include points a-z. This is totally different than an editor.

An editor will take my mish-mash and shape it into something sound. (S)he will point out to me that what I am saying will work o.k. in the Pacific Northwest of the US but will fail in the middle of Virginia and then be able to suggest ways to convey my writing to everyone equally.

I am grateful people like @Fiogan do what they do.

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This is such an old post, but most editors are freelancers. You can find an experienced editor by using the free Editorial Freelancers Association member directory. Or you can just contact me www.blueflowerediting.com if you have any questions. It’s important to find the right fit!