I have a dopplerganger concept that fits perfectly with the scene I’m writing, but I am uncertain how to implement it.

The short version:

Entity can imitate the physical appearance of a person it has seen.

Entity has stalked the individuals long enough to imitate any of them, though it is not omnipotent. It doesn’t know their pasts, their full abilities, etc.

Entity appears to the player, player needs to figure out the entity is not who it says it is given written context clues.

The problem I’m running into, is that with a *choice (since the discovery of the entity would lead to combat) it becomes fairly obvious if it is the entity or not.

How do I give the player the option to figure out who the entity is, without giving it away so freely?

Randomize which character is entity, and write different dialog with the character if they are entity or not. Sounds like a cool concept.

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Problem is the player and the entity are the only ones present. Good concept though.

I have the writing capability. Just not the… C-script capability? I’m not sure if this is a C-script or writing question but I may just have to move the scene to a later portion of the game iffin so

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Our strong points seem to be inversed, as I struggle with the writing. Even a good plan is foiled by a talentless hack.

I’ll try to make and send you example of code when I wake up, as I’m too knackerd to do it now.

I figured out what I’ll be doing. Time to muck someone up >:)

My only guess would have a sort of conversation between the MC and the entity and allow the MC to bring up inconsistencies in their narrative, while the entity tries to cover up their mistakes. Make it a several choice chain where the MC has to point out multiple inconsistencies and then finally is able to say “what’s going on, something is off about you”

Like a few things, the entity might be able to brush off, but multiple together and the MC can become and voice suspicions.

It could just be minor inconsistencies mixed in with the speech, like say mentioning a jacket was blue instead of red, when the person they were imitating made a joke about the red jacket previously. Or bringing up something that was mentioned in a conversation the person they’re imitating wasn’t there for. A few of those could be written off as “I misremembered” or “someone else told me” but multiple together and its suspicious.