Does anyone have a Tumblr?


Who is working on a game and has a Tumblr people can follow?


well, technically these two already published games, but the wayhaven chronicles author and fallen hero rebirth author are both working on book 2 of their series. They’re @seraphinitegames and @fallenhero-rebirth respectively. There’s Fox of Sunholt, @foxofsunholt lol, the author of Guenevere gives monthly updates @newarcana. Curious cuisine @cornucopiagazette, law abiding citizens is @ravanissatanplzsendhelp, Supernatural in New York @llamagirl28, son of Satan the moral coil @sosthemortalcoil id just like to also say I’m not connected to any of these authors, I know the wayhaven chronicles, fallen hero retribution, and guenevere are being worked on but I can’t promise you any of the other ones are being worked on atm!


Model Citizens:Unmasked:
Modern Witches: Coven:
Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods:
(These aren’t my games, I am not a writer lol)


I have two at and! :slight_smile: The first is updated pretty much daily :slight_smile:


The author of the WiP The Shadow Society has a tumblr where she posts updates and other stuff :


Several that I know of, though there’s bound to be more floating around. Pretty useful for updates. Some authors also have Patreons or Ko-Fi’s set up so it’s handy for that, too

Bright eyes, Black Blood
A Witch’s Curse
An Absinthian Ballad
Curse of the Spirit
Heir to the Throne
Becoming Guardian
Keeper of the Sun and Moon
Children of the Gods
Icarus Sun (Same author as model citizens. Not really active as the project is on the backburner for now, still worth keeping in mind)


I actually just finally got around to setting up a Tumblr for myself where I’ll probably be talking about Seven Heirs a lot.


Jean Townsend has a Tumblr for her series Guenevere.

The writer, Seraphinite, of the Wayhaven Chronicles has a Tumblr as well.

And I know that there are more, but these are the ones (as well as ‘Bright Eyes, Black Blood’, which is already mentioned by ApplePi) I actually keep an eye on.


You mean Tumblr account?


I’m working on the game Supernatural in New York


Is there a master list if Cog/Wip Tumblr accounts? If not, I shall make one so list a link to your Cog/Wip Tumblr here.
(ME: I will never follow a Wip Tumblr because answering constant questions seems to make the update wait time even longer…


sound like Twiddle already got you trapped :joy:


Here’s a good list someone made recently c:

edit: I don’t know why but it posted the pic in the post instead of the actual link :confused:


Thank you!!!


No problem^^


@Jender, the list @peaches linked to is great! Here are some more that are not on that particular list: - the tumblr for Reports from Philomena by @Leem - the tumblr for An Absinthian Ballad and King of Kings by @locria - the tumblr for A Thousand Miles of Sky by @SirEdmund


Thank you so much for including me, @rinari! I really appreciate it :star_struck: