Do people make money out of these games?


I’m not. Countries that don’t have publicly funded healthcare systems throw up a gigantic hurdle in front of people wanting to “go pro” as a writer (or any kind of entrepreneur), simply because they’re transitioning from a job where they have health insurance provided by their employer and one where they don’t. That problem ends up even more crippling if you happen to deal with chronic pain or some kind of long-term disability.

Given that Vancouver’s housing market actually looks like it’s starting to cool off, there’s good news on that front. It bears repeating that I live in a pretty expensive part of the country, and the market value of my apartment (it’s rent stabilised, so I have that going for me too) is above average even for apartments in my area. If I were living in someplace cheaper (like say, Windsor, Ontario, just across the water from Detroit), I’d be able to live pretty comfortably by myself even if I were renting a two-bedroom apartment (for some reason).

Given that minimum wage is a provincial prerogative, who is for or against minimum wage increases depends less on the party label and more on their actual policies. Ontario’s recent minimum wage increase was one of the last actions of its outgoing Provincial Liberals, whereas BC’s Provincial Liberals (who governed like Conservatives in a lot of ways) stubbornly kept minimum wage low until they were booted out by the NDP.


Lucky bastards, whereas in this country Amsterdam is starting to infect its neighbours really badly as is the whole of our Randstad region and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The rotten thing is that by simple Keynesian economics the current crisis might have been prevented or at least blunted when the government could have hired lots of builders and contractors on the cheap to construct (and hopefully renovate) social housing. Whereas now our national and municipal government are entering the bidding war on an already overheated market and are effectively building less and of lesser quality for much more money. But then it figures that when the Conservative government announces additional spending on social housing it is in fact just inadequate window-dressing to mask the deeper rot in the system and a giveaway to our corporate “welfare queens”. :unamused:

How parties govern over here depends on the relative amount of power they hold when they are part of a coalition government. In that respect I think we dodged a bullet because the current incarnation of our Conservative party chews up and spits out its junior coalition partners like crazy. :unamused:


I’m comfortable with my kids going to British universities or the more reasonable US ones and taking out a reasonable amount of debt to do so. (I know it’s a painful shock to many Brits, especially ones looking to get on the housing “ladder” as soon as possible…but the amount of debt one takes on to get a uni education these days in the UK is a pretty good deal, all things considered. A wiser investment than housing, especially these days…)

As for where we live: depends on what my wife does next, but I’m hoping it’ll involve at least another few years in Nepal. :slight_smile:


As someone who worked at a British university I’d say that they’re not necessarily the best place to go depending on desired career so that should be kept in mind.


So books 4 and 5 going to be written by Havenstone & Son(s), so they can get in on the royalties bandwagon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Misses Havenstone’s Himalayan coffee, meditation and prayer resort? At least let’s you put all of that coffee money to good use. :wink:

By the way speaking of Nepal have you personally observed any positive or negative changes as a consequence of the elections you mentioned in your last normal blog post more than a year onwards?


I’m desperately waiting on the sequel to choice of rebels! Although I must admit, breden was written well. I’ve replayed the game so much I know she poisoned my camp, but seeing how she’s the only romance for a straight male. (and I’m obviously a sucker for love) I can’t bring myself to kill or exile her. It won’t be an issue if a better prospect comes along :wink: