Does anyone know of more games with a diffuculty setting, like on the level of Hero or Villain Genesis


Games with difficulty? You can check Breach: The Archangel Job


Definitely check out Adrao’s (the author of Hero) other games:
Tokyo wizard
Highway wars.

Starship adventures also had a way to swing all the stats left or right via the features menu. (It lacks the finesse of the above games with multiple difficulty settings so may not be what you’re after, but does allow you to change the difficulty depending on how you want to play.)


The great tournament series has a difficulty setting

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Don’t if this counts since you have to buy it. But zombie exodus:safe haven has bouns point’s for 99cent. Or you could important an old character from zombies exodus nd get 15 points i think for free.

I’m not quite sure about existing games, but my WIP implements a difficulty setting