Declaring Variables - How did we used to do it?

I’m trying to revive an old project from 2012. However, I don’t seem to have declared my variables anywhere. Definitely not in the startup file. I do remember there was a change at some point, but can anyone remember how or where I would have declared them?

You declare them in, startup.txt, that hasn’t been changed.

It did change… you never used to declare them in startup.txt. I have my old files and no variables are listed there. I’m sure there was another file to declare them…

Oh well, you declare variables in startup.txt

*title Test
*author Test

*comment Stats
*create firstname "Unknown"
*create lastname "Unknown"
*create region 0
*create gift 0

Like this
*scene_list is for declaring order of scenes
I recommend using this guide

Ah then I am afraid I can’t help, good luck though.

I know this. I am trying to revive an old game. A long time ago the variables were declared differently. Seeing as I have around 100k lines of code and around 1k variables, I don’t plan to start from scratch. I just need to update the variables. First though, I need to locate them. The method in 2012 was different to now. I’m looking for someone who can remember the old method so I can find the variables.

I found them! The answer (for anyone in the future looking to revive an old game) is that they are stored in the file mygame.js

You will need to change the format. The easiest way is to copy / paste the variables from mygame.js to startup.txt, and open startup in Notepad++. Then ctrl+F to find. Select replace, and then replace , with *create. Replace all. Then replace : with ""


By the way, what is that old project?

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Blackraven. I’m reviving it!

Expect more on this in the coming days.


Can a mod reopen the Blackraven Thread for me (post above this one)? I sent a private request to a mod, but haven’t had any reply. Thanks in advance!

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