CS Fade & Color Mod (V 1.2)

FYI This mod causes the randomtest and quicktest not to work.

That’s the case with all external scripts, since randomtest and quicktest a. don’t expect them (external scripts (other than the default CS ones)) to be there and b. (if the mod uses a custom command) don’t recognize the command. If I may make a suggestion, why not have two CS folders? One with mods installed and implemented and one without, that way you can use quicktest and randomtest on the vanilla folder and use the modded folder for the actual game files.

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That is a great idea. I will do that. Thanks

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Does this affect quicktesting and radomtesting for anybody else, I’ve noticed that they don’t work after I installed this mod.

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All mods (and much other tinkering with the JavaScript core of ChoiceScript) affect quicktest and randomtest, (or rather, it just won’t work) and this is no exception. My own workaround is that I’ve got two versions of my game. One without mods, so that I can use quicktest and randomtest, and one with mods (in my case a save system).


Hey people. I’m working on my WIP and i decided to implement the color changing mod found here:

I got it all installed and it works properly, but I found that all of my multireplace has stopped working. I had no problems with it until this mod was installed so I assume that it’s the cause, since the mod was created before multireplace was implemented.

Does anyone know which code in the scene.js file enables the multireplace, or what the code is for the color changing function of the mod? I can’t compare the two files on my tablet and I don’t have a computer.

I would have posted on the thread but I didn’t want to necro.

In this case a necro is fine, it’s about a specific tool/mod/game and it is a genuine support question (which is also much more likely to be noticed here). When it’s a necro VS splitting a non closed specific topic thread, necro is probably preferable.

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Heard loud and clear! I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

That being said, I messaged the mod creator, and have heard nothing back, so I’m not sure I’ll get an answer from them.

But thank you for the help.

Forgive the ignorence but what’s “multireplace”? I used this mod to build a short game a few months back and had no problems with it affecting anything adversely.

Worth remembering COG won’t publish anything with this mod in it, so only useful for other projects.

If you publicize a mod here on the forums, for other users to use, I feel there is an implicit expectation for you to continue to update/support it. If that is not an option I would suggest editing to the first post to state as such (warning people against using it).

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Thanks @CJW I didn’t realise that was what it was called.
@DarthDovahkin I didn’t use any in the game I made with this mod so can’t help sorry.

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No biggie, don’t worry about it. Thanks though.