Crème de la Crème Discussion and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

You know, provided Auguste is aware of Lady Renaldt’s crimes, I can see them taking their spouse’s surname just to separate themself from her.

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Just finished my first playthrough of this wonderful book and I’m still a bit giddy about the ending I got.

I spent a lot of time worrying over the stats and choosing the right outcomes and definitely made good use of the walkthroughs and guides shared here so thanks for that! Stat-reliant books tend to scare me a little but in all fairness this one was very well-balanced and didn’t feel too difficult to play despite my initial apprehensions.

As it is my PC ended up engaged to the person she loves, fixed her parents’ reputation, got accepted to Gessner university, made sure Lady Renaldt got what she deserved and managed to make quite a few friends among both students and teachers as well as help Gallatin win the competition. I’m actually kind of floored that my first playthrough was this successful and a little envious of my PC for being so good at everything. :laughing:

I’m also about to start my second playthrough immediately because I don’t want to leave this universe yet and I really want to see how things change if I make different choices and pursue different ROs. Karson was my extremely obvious first choice but I’ve fallen in love with so many of the other ROs too that I need to do at least 5-6 (maybe more, honestly) playthroughs.

Thank you for creating such a rich and detailed universe and such fascinating and lovable characters, I’ve had so much fun with this book over the past few days and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so for a while to come. :smiling_face:


Hi, I just finished my first run and I loved it. I’m going to play another path as soon as I can. But after finising my 1st try a question came to my mind. Can u have sex with ur love interest?

I did Max and Patrice poly relationship and I was fascinated but there was no sexual moment at any chapter (Of couse there were kisses, but they are young, they want to do more than that)

There is a possibility that I missed the oportunity of that to happen, or maybe that happens just in other rutes, I will really appreciate having my doubt resolved.

You need to go to the common room at the night before the exam. When game asks you whom you see awaken at this time of night.

I don’t know when exactly, and I don’t know if this is true of the poly relationship (haven’t played it), but you can definitely have sex with all the RO’s

(heads up: minor spoilers)

Having compassed a satisfactory blind playthrough, I was all, “Okay, now I can look up stuff–is there a way I can carry on with with Karson after locking in Hartmann during the Festival of Birds? Obviously a hard sell, but perhaps there’s some kind of way…” Dev diary: Hartmann and Karson prefer monogamy.


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Yes, those characters aren’t OK with that I’m afraid! Others are though :sweat_smile:

Well, it looks like I can spin out the intrigue a while longer by bypassing the date altogether, though that messed with my preferred approach to the Philosophy exam…it’s almost as though leading on a social inferior when you have no intention of doing right by her is not very progressive or something. Guess I’ve got some more experimenting to do!

There’s a lot of content here–I have to admit this is not my usual fare, but I’ve been having a blast. Very well done.


I wanted to know how to date Max and Freddie at same time. I tried do it three times already, but i failed.

Sorry if the english is bad, i’m not a native speaker.

I don’t think you can do Max+Freddie. I think it’s just Max+Delacroix.


That’s sad.

I think Freddie is cute, and i like the Max’s vibe “rules are made for be breaked” (i think i wrote wrong, but please ignore)

For me the contrast is attractive.

A few days ago Creme de la Creme turned three years old (they grow up so fast!!) so I wrote a retrospective about the writing process and things I learned making it. I hope you enjoy!


Thank you for sharing this! I always love learning more about the creative process, especially from an author whose work I have enjoyed so much - and seeing how you’ve learned and grown over the years just makes me all the more excited to see where you go next.

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Ah thank you so much. I love seeing writers share this sort of thing and I’m glad it was of interest. I hope to do something similar after Noblesse Oblige has been out for a bit - probably sooner than 3 years though, so that things are fresher in my mind!

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Hello @HannahPS i just brought your game Crème de la Crème today and i realized that the game has the option to “randomize” the genders of the characters. I’m not really into romance options thing but i want to know. What are the canon genders of your characters? I want to play the game properly to get the actual experience. Sorry is this question has been asked to you many times.

There are no canon genders in this game.

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@AletheiaKnights is right, I don’t see the gender selectable characters as any particular gender just as I don’t view any particular route through the game as canon. Thank you for getting the game, I hope you enjoy playing!


Really? Because as i understand you can roommate with some characters independently of their gender. Or maybe i got that wrong? Because it makes no sense for me seeing boys rooming with girls. Or maybe i misread that. I’m not a native english speaker.

It’s a co-educational school and yes, people of different genders may be sleeping in the same dormitory. It isn’t something I dwelled on in-game and characters aren’t weird or creepy about it :slightly_smiling_face:

I went to a private school myself in highschool and never heard of something like that, well maybe my culture is just different. Thank you for your reply, it truly was important for me to know this in order to enjoy the game.

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