Crème de la Crème Discussion and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

Hi, thanks for sharing this Spotify playlist! Having finished the game, I’ve been craving for more content before I move on to Royal Affairs lol. I really enjoy social dramas like Tally Ho and Mask of the Plague Doctor, so I instantly fell in love with Creme de la Creme.

I have a question about Schroeder though: Is there any way to escape her while talking to Karson?

I’ve been trying to get Karson to leave while I would distract her, but they keep exposing my identity :< I tried maxing out different stats for every new rerun, but so far they’d still do that. In fact, it felt very weird for this to happen right after PC can tell Karson that their feelings towards them haven’t changed. Am I facing a bug?

If you don’t agree to send someone to the mines, then you will always be kidnapped

Which is basically agreeing to send YOURSELF to the mines, so it all works out!

Ooh ok. Thanks, you guys

(Spoiler warning ahead but): Side note, I updated the game on my phone as it was a much older version [I have auto-updates turned off] and I finally came across a scene where Emil didn’t expose my identity to Schroeder :DD I’m all good now, lol


You know, I finished this game a few months ago and have already commented my appreciation for it in this topic. But even now, I still catch myself sometimes remembering it fondly and thinking about how much I liked it. Just want to thank the author again for the wonderful read!

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I love the game especially the princess, though I’m curious about the romance path with Blaise.

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Does anyone know how to get the Model Student achievement?

Yes, you need to throw one teacher under the bus when lady Reinaldt asks you to help her.

At the risk of sounding dumb, how do you increase the progressive stat ? I ended woth a 92% traditional stat with no idea how

So I guess that spending some time with a specific character often helps improving some stats ? Although in the en, all my stats kept making some wild yoyo, I have no idea how :woozy_face:

Now I’m having trouble with flair

So you can romance Max and Delacroix separately or together as a polycule?


You can do both. Just keep the relationship stats high for both.

In Westerlind, how is it decided who takes whose surname when two people get married? I ask because I was looking on Fantasy Name Generators for a surname for my next MC and got “August”. And I was like “haha if Auguste married them, they’d be Auguste August.”

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Haha! In general it would be that both partners take the name with the most prestige. So society would expect Auguste’s partner to change their surname to Renaldt, unless they were both aristocrats, in which case there would be some double-barrelling or adding surnames as middle names.

The people involved are legally allowed choose for themselves, but their social group would respond with raised eyebrows or comments if it went outside the norm. For example, if Delacroix married Freddie, their social circles would expect them to be Patrice and Freddie Delacroix (although Delacroix isn’t aristocracy, their family is fancier than Freddie’s). They’d be free to choose to be Patrice and Freddie Crawford but would be gossiped about (“Patrice married someone lower-class AND took their name, how scandalous” sort of thing).

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So Creme mc would be expected to take the name of their RO, if the RO is anybody other than Freddie or Karson? On the other hand in Royal affairs all the RO’s, except maybe Javi would be expected to take the mc’s and therefore the royal family’s last name.
How would it work with Javi anyway, since in my case they’d both be male and have the exact same position in line for their respective thrones as the spares?

Probably - though if they repaired their reputation they’re on a more equal footing with the Gallatin ROs, so there might be some expectation of hyphenation etc. Some characters might not care or would prefer to keep their surnames. I could see Blaise wanting to keep theirs, for example. It wouldn’t be particularly shocking for couples to keep their surnames unless someone’s marrying someone above them class-wise.

With the Royal MC and Javi, there would be some sort of unholy Frankensteining of the Westerlind and Zaledoan names that would probably be squabbled over politically and be very carefully thought out (which name goes first, how the titles get combined etc). I haven’t ever decided whether the Westerlind royals have surnames ala the Windsors - it’s something I need to settle on before I finish drafting though! Rosario, Javi and the rest of the Zaledoan royals do have a surname, del Quiros.


If Creme MC married Rosario and Royal MC married Javi, they’d be protagonist-in-laws :laughing:


@Kelly_Seastar Yes! I love the thought of that family dinner table…

By the way, I have an unrelated and very hypothetical question about Florin to ask Creme players in general. If there was an option to romance/hook up with Florin with a different MC in a later game when you were both in your 20s, what would you think?

(If Florin was still romancing the Creme MC at that stage, it wouldn’t be a cheating situation, it would be established as a non-monogamous relationship; it wouldn’t be framed as Florin cheating on the Creme MC.)

The messages I get along the lines of “would Florin settle down with the Creme MC” and “how much does Florin care about the Creme MC” and “would Florin want to get married in the future”, plus often players don’t like it when NPCs romance other people, makes me think people would dislike it or it would make them sad. But I’m curious to see if that’s true!


I love the world and the characters, so I’d be ok with any past characters coming into a new story. As long as it doesn’t drastically change who they were before (which I don’t think would be a problem). As for Florin specifically, I’d definitely love to see him when he’s older and more mature. Maybe at that stage, he’d be more ready for a commitment? Either with the new MC, or the old one

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