Crème de la Crème – Climb to the very top of the class!

This is one of the best cog games I have played till date.

Also, What I would like to know is the complete romance possibilities.

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I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! There’s a summary of romance options in this post upthread, under the spoiler tag.

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Just finished my first playthrough of the game in which I romanced Rosario! (I have a thing for dorky royals. And they’re the best​:sob:) The game is so much fun! Enjoy every seconds of it! I am looking forward to playing more​:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Only thing that was a bit off for me was the romance with Blaise…it seemed so sudden and kind of awkward…

I remembered reading this while it was in the mid stages of the demo a few months ago (on my previous forum account). I didn’t have any particular interest towards it, but oh man… I couldn’t stop playing for a few straight hours after I bought it now.

I just want to mention the job that the author did in fleshing out the characters are very good. They are all likeable cough well, at least the ones that weren’t meant to be likeable are very despised. I’ve taken a particular interest towards Rosario, and Karson. They are so precious! Getting accepted into Gessner and being engaged to the princess felt like a real life achievement. I also really liked the ending… you know, the letterings and stuffs. It makes me feel sad that the game is over.

Shout out to the author for a really good job! (P.S. You killed it in Blood Money too) ^^


Ah thank you so much, and for the kind comments about Blood Money! I’m so glad you enjoyed the characters and the story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Note for everyone’s reference! I’ve updated the original developer diary thread post with a friendship and romance guide plus info about multi romancing and polyamory. Since lots of people asked, I figured it would be good to have it in one post.


Yep, that’s a super sweet moment actually. :crying_cat_face: :ring:

and also why my mc is a bit upset with Rosario too in the epilogue for thinking he’d just voluntarily abandon him, the engagement and everything just like that while he was sent to those awful mines.

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Do you have to confront Blaise? Looks like every other choice results in him being expelled.

Blaise is always expelled no matter what choice you pick.


Thank you, good to know.

How do I get a high relationship stat with Blaise?

Let them pass when they push you in the first choice of the book, speak with genuine distress about your parents’ actions, invite them to sit with you, be sarcastic about sharing beds or give them the bed, accept their apology unreservedly and ask Lady Renaldt not to be too harsh when their ruse is found out.

Later, I did this, though it doesn’t work for all stat combinations: First, get sent to the mines. Then say that you missed them, make an acerbic comment (flair, I believe), be supportive (can’t remember the exact choice but being accommodating is required), let them fight Karson, ask them if they think Karson really doesn’t regret it and take both Blaise and whichever teacher got sent to the mines when trying to escape.

That’s most of it, as far as I can recall.


Does anyone have good advice for keeping the progressive stat high to impress Rosario? Or is there an alternate way to please him during your second talk at Archambault?

First of all, I want to start by saying that this is my opinion, my conspiracy, allegedly, and that I don’t mean to be rude or mean.

Is this game worth your hard-earned coin? Yes, it’s worth the money. I don’t have any regrets about buying it.

The grade that I give this game is: 6/10.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Chinese, Korean, and Japanese palace dramas. I have watched thousands and thousands of hours of them, and because of that, I felt like I could see the plots forming from kilometers away in this game.

What I didn’t like and the stuff that I like was:

  1. The one romanced that I wanted the most was the person with the d-bag personality, which was Blaise, but he dipped out so fast out of the story that I was not able to connect with him. I didn’t see the point to him. When he sent the note by the end, I was asking myself, why should I care? It would have been nice to have a scene where he could have shown that he was not that horrible or mean before he disappeared.

  2. Where was the antagonist? It was missing. I didn’t see her or him anywhere. Lady Renaldt doesn’t count because she revealed herself at the end, and she didn’t do anything to my mc throughout the game. Because of this, I didn’t have an excuse to sabotage or to be mean to people, because all of them were so sweet. To me, Freddie had all the hallmarks to become an antagonist to my mc, because of his insecurities and because he seemed to be from a lower status compared to the others. I would have loved to have had an excuse to kick someone out of school.

  3. The stats were well-explained in the stats section, but the choices that went with the stats were sometimes vague to me. For example, how come glaring is considered direct, but shoving someone is considered manipulative? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  4. The romances were wonderful (I didn’t hate anyone, a testament to your superb writing skills.) I liked Patrice and Max a lot. Patrice was like my little puppy, and Max was a hurricane waiting to happen. One needed a lot of love and support, and the other one needed a lot of love and structure in his life. I also liked the prince because he was a bit more dominant than the rest :).

  5. With the romances, I felt like there could have been more dates. I wanted the romances to take more of an active role. By that, I mean that I got tired of sending letters to the romances that I was interested in. I was tired of asking them to go out with me. I wished that at least 2 or 3 could have come to me and asked me out without me having to take charge.

  6. Finally, this is why I primarily gave the game a low score. After having gone through all that story, where is my wedding at? I refuse to believe that not even one of the beta testers that tested this massive 440,000-word game did not even ask or brought up the marriage ceremony situation. I didn’t go through all of that to just stay betrothed at the end. I needed a chapter dedicated to wedding planning. Even if the game ended at the altar before I said I do. It would have been fun to see all my side pieces show up to prevent the wedding.

Also, the reason I wanted a ceremony was that I chose to marry Delacroix because I felt that he needed the most protection. However, not even for a second did I want Max to feel like I chose Delacroix over him because I felt more love for Delacroix than for him. That is not true, and it will never be true. I wanted to dedicate the civil ceremony to Delacroix, and I wanted to dedicate the religious ceremony to Max.

Forever soulmates!

My problem with this game and your last game is the same, and that is that for me, you always drop the ball right at the end.

But at the end of the day, the game is really good, and I did enjoy it.


You are not mean expressing an opinion about the game which is fine and good Also there are really good points in it so it didn’t come out too harsh.
Overall i enjoyed the game and really being a lurker in cog made me expect that people do their damn hardest at creating a world for us to read and live in and some insights are forgotten because of life sometimes bring.
It feels refreshing to see a review about the game and to know that many are an advocate to max, delacroix and mc ship.
Full steam ahead towards to my two fave characters!
And yeah i wish there was an extra chapter on the future of the mc and ro but having a cliffhanger is a fine way of creating a feeling of wanting more and imagining what might happen.


Crushed it.

Perfect marks

I actually screencapped all of Starling’s stats screen, but posting through mobile is a little fiddly.

The highlights
  • Outscored Hartmann on exams booyah.
  • Absolutely demolished the inter-school competition.
  • A little light witchcraft, err, occultism.
  • Romanced first Max (the first to make a move), then Delacroix (who I first intended to pursue).
  • Obviously, I went for a stable triad.
  • I elected to have Starling marry Delacroix, reasoning that she needed the independence from her family more.
  • I helped Karson and Blaise, and destroyed Lady Renaldt, but discreetly.
  • Got into a fancy university.
  • Didn’t manage to maintain my legendary 95% accommodating stat, but the personality stats here were a journey and I was fully into it.

Gonna romance Karson in my second game.



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Not rude or mean, I appreciate hearing your thoughts! There are some things I’d do a little differently if I was doing it again but it’s all a learning experience. (I didn’t hear from anyone asking for a wedding scene in beta though!) I appreciate that it grabbed you enough that you put so much thought into it and that overall you had a good time!

@Hazel those grades are phenomenal!! No wonder you got into Gessner, they should have been begging you to attend!


Question: do you have to join the same group as the one you want to romance?

If you do, you’ll have more interaction, but you don’t have to :slight_smile: If you join the Perfects and want to romance Max or join the Starlings and romance Hartmann you’ll need to convince them a bit but it’s still possible.

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