Creating the name variable


Hmmm, perhaps you should package the story and send it over to me my email is

Ill take a look at it when I can and I should be able to fix it


Okay, I’ll email you in a second.


Okay ill get right on it when I get it


Wait, I can only email certain files and not everything that’s in the folder. Which files should I send you?


mygame.js and the scenes or whatever


Okay, I just sent it to you (


Okay imma send back an entire document with all the extra stuff, I notice some people have like slightly different kinda set ups just slightly I sent you one that I think is better and I didnt run into that clone stat error but I did run into some problems and I quickly corrected them so everything should work I recommend using what im sending you back it should be error free

Edit: sent! here and the stats should be fine


Thanks, but for some reason the email isn’t showing up o___o


hold on I can give you a download link via PM


Wait, are you sure you’re putting two "ll"s in culinary? Because my email has two instead of one.


Check my PM I gave you a link to my dropbox so you can download it directly from my computer