Creating random variable

I want to make one of my gender-interchangable characters random depending on a certain choice. How do I code it?

Although I never used it before, there is a command that could generate a random number. This is the *rand command. The structure of this command goes as follows:

*rand x y

x and y refer to the range. So, for example, your character is rolling dice, you can set it to “*rand 0 6.” It can be used in startup variables and *temp variables. I never used this command before and I only know how it works. For more information, try checking out it’s wiki page

Since you want a random gender you can do *rand 0 1 and 0 can refer to male and 1 to female.


*rand gender 0 1
*if gender = 1
*set gender “female”
*if gender = “0”
*set gender “male”

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There are a few ways to do this. One would be:

*create gender_number 2
*create gender "female"
*rand gender_number 1 2
*if gender_number = 1
  *set gender "male"

*if gender = "female"
 She opens the door.
*if gender = "male"
  He opens the door

Alternatively, create more variables for “she” “her” “hers” and have them switch. It all hinges on using the rand command.

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Thank you both! Really appreciate it.

Since you said:

You could do something like this

What's your gender?
   *set friend_him "her"
   *set friend_he "she"
   *set friend_his "hers"
   *set friend_gender "female""

   *set friend_him "him"
   *set friend_he "he"
   *set friend_his "him"
   *set friend_gender "male"

You can change the following to your liking. It should allow you to change the gender accordingly.

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