Creating a helpful tool/file for New Users

i’m currently working on a text file in English that you can just copy and create your text games with the ChoiceScipt codes like !{firstname} !{lastname} that i put in under text that explains what usage they have and how/where to impliment them.

to note, none of these have a need for changing anything in the mygame.js file, its all in the startup file primarely since when i was looking for information on how to use alot of the ChoiceScrips it can get confusing

so what i wonder is, what would you like too see in the help file?

the idea is to distribute this after finishing it so that making games for COG LLC or for personal use will be a bit easier as you can easily get your hands on this file for free whether your a used scripter or a fresh of the boat newbie.
simply a complementary tool for the use.


I’d talk to @jasonstevanhill about that. Since CSIDE kind of already does that, and there’s is also an easy to use and in depth guide by @RETowers. If you wanna make it I suppose that’s fine, but people already have all the info they need. They are just too lazy to look it up in the Wiki 9/10.

Note that CSIDE also has downloadable files that create a scene with all you need and you just copy paste the correct variable names.

Up to you :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, i seen and tried out CSIDE, but to be frank it didn’t really explain how it worked and as far as i could see not easy to use after spending about 2-3 hours trying to figure it out, and when i tried to use it to check if the codings worked nothing happen, so personally i think having a file with the texts commands listed, with propper explanations at hand instead of having to look up every detail of it on 8-12 different threads, and not every thread makes it easy to understand for beginners.

Thats the reasoning behind making this, and its not like i intend to make a profit out of it, it is meant to be a free help for those who doesn’t like or having difficulties using CSIDE.
A basic behinners tool or even a supplement for CSIDE, and i can give it points for showing the lines number, makes it easier to find the incorrect command, but as i said, myself i didn’t find that tool easy to use.

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So current state of the file.
I’ve so far listed and explained in the file
*goto + *goto_scene
$!{InputText} (to display a selected choice/name)
*input_text (to make an text input to a String variable (aka: example “example” ))
*if (and some of its many uses)

And the more advanced step of hiding a stat untill you wish it to be displayed
(which took about 2 days even with help from experienced users to find)

So if there is anything more you guys would like me to cover either pm me or just suggest it here in the forum.