Consolidated AI Thread: A Discussion For Everything AI

From what I am reading this really seems like a well intentioned post that really delivered its message poorly. Since this is sort of a no-brainer. Generating walls of text and dumping them is boring. Derivative and often breaks continuity, unless you want to spend hours feeding information so it has enough to not make holes and even then it still will screw up.

But the idea you can confidently tell something is written by A.I is bonkers to me. Least of all this idea that using certain words which are uncommon in normal speech but are extra common in chatgpt and the like as a way of detecting it. The world is a varied place and many people’s word usage derives from the media they consume, saying something is A.I based on those can not only be plain wrong. But downright insulting if it turns out to not be true. Imagine you spend a week in writers block, finally get that damned chapter out and because you used some uncommon words or sound a bit soulless. Get accused of using A.I to write it.

Id personally prefer to be told my writing is ass than to be told it isn’t my writing.

This is of course notwithstanding the fact that as others pointed out. It has plenty of uses to aid a writer, particularly those who dont have peers free to bounce ideas off of. Being so blanket banful of it is really harmful.

But I do think its a universal agreement that anyone who tries to entirely have an A.I write it for them and then pass it off as their own work is scummy. Just be a bit careful with your wording as you made it really seem like anyone using A.I should immediately stop irrespective of how.


It’ll also use it as learning material, which is something that’s good to be aware of.

To be fair, teachers do that too.

I do agree AI can be useful for the process though. I use image generators sometimes, to conceptualize ideas. (Sometimes the best parts are something where they glitched.)

Grammar AI probably would. Chatbot… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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While I was using AI to help me write better, I noticed it would completely miss the tone of the topic and also summarize it before going into specifics. This is the best AI btw.

Like what @Trista_JW gave for examples.
The AI is horrible at writing past of what info you give it. Almost predictable.

Very good at describing environments though.

  1. No, but it sounds like a personal Lora training, it’s fine if the user isn’t trying to sell the resulting work.

  2. I used to when the art generators came, but now I mainly use local llm now, I need to get back to it honestly.

  3. Probably, I mean people will want to use AI art in their work instead of paying people for indie work, big companies can shell out to human artist though.

  4. I would be all for it, it’s another step to popularize AI art, which is a great thing.

  5. It’s way more beneficial to have AI art then no art at all, just couple weeks again I played a vn called deluge sermon for the dead and it uses a lot of AI art, real fans of the series won’t care and it’s still rated 9/10 on steam.

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Hello! I use AI to help me write, but not exactly in the way you are discussing here, I believe.

English is not my first language, so AI helps me a lot to correct some errors. Plus, when I’m not very inclined to write in English or I’m having difficulty, I write in my native language and ask it to translate. Sometimes I write something, don’t like it, and ask the AI for alternative suggestions on how to phrase the same sentence/paragraph.

Does this prevent my game from being published? I mean, I can rewrite the parts where I used AI, but in the end, isn’t it like using Google Translate? I will still have some difficulty writing certain parts and will need to seek external help—without AI, I would use Google Translate to translate things or dictionaries to look up more interesting words to use.

With or without AI, my way of working won’t change much, just have more steps and probably take longer.

Regarding any other use of AI, like for art, I don’t use it neither will I. I also don’t use AI to create my story, characters, setting, etc.

I just want to know if any use of AI is 100% prohibited or if it is possible to use as an alternative tool to those already out there.

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Ima be honest here, I think this is simply going to be a case of “If it’s obvious, youll get rightfully burned.”

If you use AI to pretty much translate, and then you work out the prose to suit your own better, then it should be fine. It is a tool, it shouldn’t replace the entirety of one’s writing. If so, THEN it becomes a problem.

If you use it to circumvent writer’s block, to throw ideas off of, to help you get started in research or find a good direction to go off from, that should all be okay.

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Hi –

At this point, it would be best to contact Hosted Games support and explain to them how you use it to translate.

This is something that only Hosted Game staff will be able to make a judgement call on.

The support email is: – you’ll want to attention it to Hosted Games staff, so it gets routed to the correct people.


It is prohibited if you plan to publish.
Translate and AI gen are not the same.
Translate tries to move what you’ve written into the same thing but another language. I’m guessing this would be ok, but you could contact COG to be sure.
AI generation actually generates new work that you haven’t created.

I know it’s hard not being a native english speaker, but if your game gets flagged by detection programs as having AI generated passages it probably won’t get published as you can’t put a copyright on anything AI generated so rightfully so, apart from the iffyness of selling work that may have been created using AI trained and creates derivatives based on on people’s writing/art that haven’t given their permission, I’m guessing COG doesn’t want to go there and get involved in any messy copyright issues that are probably going to get worse in the near future. As it stands, you basically cannot claim ownership of anything that contains AI generated work. Therefore, you cannot licence you game to HG for exclusive publication.

I have less of an issue for people using AI for their own enjoyment or maybe to produce things that aren’t being sold (although I still don’t love the idea of completely unaltered AI work being circulated as someone’s art/writing without it being clear where it has come from, and do have a big issue with the AI’s that replicate particular authors/artist’s styles that are still alive), but for stuff like HG, it’s not really ok.


This randomly came up on my feed. Seems topical and they make some good points. (Thank you tracking cookies, nice to know my searches about the legalities of AI copyright have not gone unnoticed :roll_eyes:.)



If it was given consent from people, or paid then I say it’s ok.

I seen AI artwork take real people and make new art with it. These with obvious no consent. I don’t like that. I know, it went to public domain opinions, still an issue to me.

Those that paid for art and then using it in AI freely is fine.

AI isn’t good enough. It needs writers and artists to follow up on its work.

I laugh at AI Dungeon and other AI written stuff. They can’t write good still. Again they need a writer to go back over it, badly! They are usually horrible.

I understand why several would use something like AI art programs when money isn’t going well.

AI CoG?! Fuck No!

I already said how horrible AI is currently. It is no good. Plus it will plagiarize, stealing from around net. It will.

AI chat programs are not great. Usually coded with words but its still technically VI, not AI. Virtual Intelligence using blocks of words to do things, most coders will understand VI problems.

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Good, scathing piece on the AI bubble – which like blockchain/crypto before it seems to have mostly been good for eye-watering increases in electricity usage.

" Google grew its emissions by 48% in the last five years chasing a technology that made its search engine even worse than it already is, with little to show for it."