Concept/no plot.. Alternative real life path?

Well I have been guilty of starting things and not finishing them. So now I have sort of a concept, meaning that I picked two things I want to combine and make a story about, but I have no plot.

I however been thinking and you know gathering stuff here and there, but I still need advice.

This game is more about you as a person and what you want in life after you finish high school.

For example: One of the path in the games is a person who is more greedy/power hungry/career oriented. A person who wants to rise to the top of a corporation and doesn’t have time for love.

While the other

The second path is about a person who is more out there to search for romance and make a family and try to find that happy ending.

But what about another alternative. I mean if you’re not career oriented and you’re not out there looking for love, then what would you want to do?

Explore the world? Devote themself to charity and goodwill?


Writing a game that branches heavily can be difficult and often times makes a play through seem short even though the total game may be lengthy.

I suggest to find a setting that is unified at the beginning and branches later on- like a college student wanting their MRS degree or wanting to get an internship and start a business. Both branches would have the general college student main trunk of the story before the branches and be easier to write.

I don’t like how the goals are so linear. Why can’t a person want live, but not want kids?

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Friendship is a big motivator. So is learning. Or even making a family without romance; adoption, for example.

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Going along with this, found families are really important for those of us who, for whatever reason, lack a biological family. Creating your own long-term support system out of friends and mentors takes time and effort, but it’s every bit as real as the traditional nuclear family model.


I’m actually thinking, isn’t there a VN where the main characters are a homeless found family?

If you’re thinking of “Family Project” (Kazoku Keikaku) it was more of a dating sim. It had a lot of potential, but unfortunately there wasn’t much interaction between the “family members” after the intro.