Concatenation Question


You know the Concatenation command?

*set VARIABLE “word”&“word”

Then VARIABLE would be “wordword”, right? Well, my question is, would this work:

*set VARIABLE1 “dog”
*set VARIABLE2 “days”

Would that give me a VARIABLE1 “dogdays”?

Thanks guys!


From here:

Curly parens: Put some text in curly braces and we’ll turn it into the value of the named variable.
*set honesty 30
*set virtue “honesty”
*set score {virtue}
Your {virtue} score is {score}

Not sure how this interplays with concatenation and other complex coding, but assuming it works like it’s appears it’s supposed to in every other case, that last line should be:

Other than that though, I think it should work fine.

*set variable1 variable1&variable2

No curly parentheses here, that’d make it look for variables named ‘dog’ and ‘days’ - it can be a little confusing.

Further reading:


Alright! Thanks guys.

On a side note, so does it work to use a variable twice in a command like that, like I was doing with VARIABLE1?


you mean this?


I’m gonna say probably, but let me test it…

*create Ts “Hmm.”
*create Ts2 " Huh??"

*set Ts Ts & Ts2

It worked. It gave me “Hmm. Huh??”


AWESOME!!! That’s great news. Thank you guys!!