COMING NEXT THURSDAY: I, CYBORG by Tracy Canfield-New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO

Well there’s probably not gonna be any space wizards fighting with laser swords but other than that it’s got a very Star Wars feel - its not a gritty sci fi by any means.

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More accurately it’s about an android modeled after Han Solo, from what I played.

Cyborgs are people who are initially human and later installed with mechanical features. A cyborg can still be classified as a mammal.

An android is a purely built machine at default that only looks human.

Case in point, Dragon Ball Z has cyborgs. WABOT-1 is an android.


I just bought I, cyborg a few minutes ago and it seems it might be bugged for me. After buying the game I was redirected to “try downloading again/continue without playing the latest version” and nothing happens when I try both. Restarting bring me back there and a hard reset of my phone changed nothing. Removing and re-installing the app only brought back the ads unfortunately.

No game is released until the mailer is sent. You might be able to buy it on some platforms before the mailer is sent, but no game is released until you get an email about it.


The link to playstore,

didn’t buy it yet so don’t know about the issue @cyanide mentioned though

If the game is not officially released, the final debugging update may not be live yet. Until the game is officially released, the game may not function properly.


Alright, better wait on the purchase till tomorrow then :sweat_smile:

Already downloaded it… will purchased it after the free Demo, since there are worry about bugs, i might uninstall it and reinstall it again before purchasing it :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming the PC is the same gender as Ypsilanti, right? I made Ypsilanti female but when I selected my character sexuality (“I’ve dated men”) the game referred to her as male.