Closed - thanks! - Editor required

Hi all,

Due to an increase in workload (Britain’s recent decision not helping my college’s management team!) I’m going to be unable to polish my WIP ‘The Aegis Saga - Blood’ to the standard I’d been intending, but with the extra work it looks like I will be able to hire someone to do a bit of editing.

There’s one editor listed here, but I’ve seen a few others around so wanted to post and speak to a couple of people via PM. So please do contact me if you’re interested, if you have previous paid editing experience and have beta-tested choicescript (I appreciate this last part is unlikely to have been paid work).

Lastly, before everyone starts posting here about people effectively editing for free through the forum - Yes I’m fully aware of this :blush: and it’s a fantastic thing he community does and Blood has really benefitted from their input so far.
I’m also aware that I’m unlikely to be able to recover my costs, given the small amount that authors earn, and that we in this community don’t usually pay for editing.

In this case, while I want to spend my time on polishing up Blood more than working on any of the other businesses I run, I can’t. So I hope I can connect with an editor who can help me get this past the finishing post.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you managed to solve your editorial problems. It is a shame when a project falters at the final hurdle.

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