Choicescript help with *fake_choice

I’m having trouble with a choice which is not displaying in *fake_choice

The error I’m getting is:…

My code looks like this:


`````Content 1
*goto one

`````Content 2.1
`````Content 2.2
*goto oneone

Tried adding space between *page_break and content 2.2.

Is it choice2 that is not displaying in fake_choice? If so I would assume it’s because goto one is out of indentation.
I’ve had this issue as well. I think it should look like something like this.


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Thanks for providing me your input.

Yes, it is Choice2 which I’m struggling with.

Actually, in the initial phase, both the Choice2 and *goto codes were in the same indentation. But then I received an error that the expected indent was 0 and not 4 or 5. As such, I made the correction to it.

Both of those are wrong. The *goto command should be indented the same as the text under the choice itself. Like this:

 #Choice 1
  Choice 1 text
  *goto choice1
 #Choice 2
  Choice 2 text
  *goto choice2

For simplicity, I used one space to indent the #choices and two spaces to indent the text, but you can use any number of spaces, such as the default four per tab, making 4 for the #choices and 8 for the text.

I also see a *page_break up in your first post, although the formatting obscures it. Page break commands should also be indented the same amount as the text under the choice.


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