Choicescript game creation tips

Hey eveyrone, I’ve just now been using Choicescript, but I’ve seen to be running into a few technical difficulties,

Like for example, I may make a personal game, (please don’t be angry with me for not sharing may chnange my mind though one day,) but I’m worried about making useless stats, but enough with that… onto the difficulties…

Making a proper health system
(Making it heal or go down)

Making a proper status of other characters outside the player’s own,

(Determine wether they are alive or dead, or making sure the PC has a good relationship with them,)

A proper stats upgrade system and how it affects health (like as if your wearing armor)

If the PC were to have a mecha (giant robot) I would need many tips on making a proper stats screen for that,

A stats screen for other mecha (like 2 or 3) to not only determine their status and health but also how powerful they are,
Devolping Making a personal style of complex yet simple RPG system in Choicescript games that works

A save/load or checkpoint function,

But he most challenging of all is that how all these affect the story and the characters, even making alternative timelines of the story that actually works in the coding,

Even encountering freakin annoying error messages,

Please bear in mind that this is the very first time using choicescript so I may have some difficulties,

As a beginner of choicescript I would like to ask all of you users for tips and tricks for how to accomplish all this, and eventually even make my own personal game,

You’re probably better off asking specific questions and posting any code if you have it IMO rather than asking for tips on how to write a game from design to stat checks. (Also do a forum search as some of the things like a save system have already been explained in threads on the forum.) Start with the walkthrough on the COG main site, look at the code they’ve provided for games like choice of dragon as well. This wiki also contains a lot of useful info.


Start here:

Then go here:


I’ll have to echo what the others said. I’m always happy to help people out with questions, but asking this many loose questions at once feels more like a lack of using available resources :confused:

That said, if you have any specifics, definitely ask away! :slight_smile:


Some of your questions are rather vague so it is difficult for advice to be given, and others can be found through a quick forum search. For instance, I’ll direct you to this thread to learn how to include a save system plugin to dashingdon: ChoiceScript Saving Plugin (Update: Sept. 2019) - #116 by CJW

From what I see, some of your issues can be solved if you know the basics of coding. (It’s really simple, don’t worry!) Using the guides Carlos posted here will help you in this regard.

As for deciding how stats affect your story and the characters… that will have to be your own creative decision, and it’s something people can only provide feedback upon if there’s a demo to look at. But ultimately, it is your story - so it’s your decision what stats you deem important or ‘useless’.

With this being your first choicescript game, a tip I’d give is to use CSIDE to do your coding. It’s a really user friendly and intuitive interface, which makes it much easier to master the coding process. Error messages are probably going to be something unavoidable, but if you do encounter one you can’t solve, the forum will be glad to help :slight_smile: