Choicescript as a school project


Hello, I must point out that I’m from Italy, where Choice of games is pretty much unknown.
My English teacher assigned a group project to my class about “The importance of being earnest”, I have to write a summary of two chapters and tell something about Aestheticism.
She said that we could represent it however we wanted to, so I chose to write it with Choicescript to surprise her and maybe to encourage learning with interactive novels (I myself have learned English mostly thanks to Choice of games and Hosted games)

For the summary I already have an idea: I plan to give the option to live the story under the point of view of different characters, and I will also give the option to vary the dialogues. For the second part I’ll let the readers choose who they want to impersonate (a worker, a dandy…) to make them live their life in the Aesthetic England and explore their culture.

What do you think about it? Do you have any tips (maybe some trivia about the Aestheticism)? What stats do you think I could use? I don’t plan on using them much, but if you have any good idea please tell me



How much words per PoV are you thinking.

Do you want your reader to have impactful choices, Sort of a playthrough or are you just representing your notes/project in CoG style. If it’s the former then having a epilogue of what are the impacts of their choices and how they were different to those that a person of that era might have done. If it’s latter then indicating how much lore/things ( maybe in % ) they have seen would be a nice thing.


I like your ideas! I’d rather keep it simple since I have to do that in two weeks, but your suggestions are totally feasible


If you are allowed to do this assignment as a creative essay rather than an academic one, make sure you fulfill the requirements of the assignment before you get carried away with the creative aspects inherent to storytelling.

It’s very easy to get distracted with details that suddenly become necessary; details that were not part of the original assignment.

If you have a limited period of time in which to work, then adjust the size of your story accordingly.

Perhaps a mother is asking her three children which one of them left the front door open?

  • So, all three children tell a variant of the same story.
  • For a plot twist, at the end, you can reveal that it was the father who left the door open.
  • Then, the mother is forced to be earnest with her children explaining that she never even considered the possibility of it being the father’s fault.

Again, make sure to work the concept of Aestheticism into your project.
Good luck!


It’s a little different from that but I’ll keep it in mind, I’ll try to not get carried away. Thanks