Choices that hinge on other choices

So, I am trying to input a choice that specifically hinges on another choice.
I will put the two choices here, though not the code since currently the code is not as important as just an example of how to do it.
Choice 1:
Either you send skeletons into the trees, or not.
Choice 2:
When attacking the Elk things, if you have skeletons in the trees, you can order them to shoot the elk.
However, when I attempt to do “*if skeleton _tree, it keeps saying “bad label.
Here is the code: Hopefully with the correct pre-formatted text:

   #Send skeletons up the trees.
*goto skeleton_tree
*label skeleton_tree
Label text here.

     #attack the elk things.
    Choice text here.
    *goto attack-elk

 *if skeleton_tree
  #Order your troops to fire on the elk things.
   Option text here.

So, yeah, not exactly sure what’s up, also not Turkey sure if *if, can be used with labels, since in the guide it is made out to work with variables mostly.
So, if anyone could please assist, that would be most welcome.

It would have to be treated as a false/true stat. You would set it up in your startup file as:

*create skeleton_tree false

And then add this to the choice:

*set skeleton_tree true

Then it should be:

*if skeleton_tree = true

I think that should do it.

It should have been

#Send skeletons up the trees.
   *set skeleton_tree true

instead of what you did above.

Thanks. I got that to work, though I had to try it a few times before it worked correctly. Meh, that’s good.
However, I am running into a thing where when I here a choice, it will say something like:
Send your forces into the ruin, raise an elk as your mount.
Any idea why this is happening.
Also, does it matter where you put labels when it comes to their choices. I try to put them as close as I can, just for organization, but things tend to go somewhat screwed if I try to put the lable right below the *goto, if in a choice.
That might just be the indentation, though. Not totally sure if the actual *label command is to be indented, been in situations where it gave me an arrow when the command was, so…
Anyway. That’s the end of my ramble.
I hope everyone has a nice Night or day or what ever you are currently in at the moment.

I don’t understand what’s happening. Care to elaborate more?

No, no. That’s not how *label works.
*label works like an IRL bookmark or a numbered section in classic CYOA books. You don’t put *goto and *label right next to each other; it defeats their purpose.

Here’s an example

Start the journey. Which path would you take?
      You take left on the fork. However, the entire road joins back at the end. It seems to be doesn't matter which path you took before.
      *goto here
      You take right on the fork. However, the entire road joins back at the end. It seems to be doesn't matter which path you took before
      *goto here

*label here
Anyway, you continue the journey down the road.
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So, when I have an option, in the same option, below the text for set option it gives me the text for another option, that should not be there.
For example:
When I come to the option about attacking the elk things, below that text, but still within the radio button I see, send your troops into the ruins.
The only thing I can come up with is it has something to do with the placement of the labels.
Also, sort of speaking of labels, how would I, when I have finished a branch and wanted to return me to the start page, I’ll be at with altered stats do two decisions I made during that branch, do that? Right now somehow I’ve got it where it jumps into the zombie label, when I’m done exploring the forest with skeletons. I think that has more to do with the fact that I placed two labels together, and had not put a delineation command between the two of them. Right now I’ve have finish, but I’m probably gonna have to change that since I suspect it’ll just try to go to the next scene, and I have not written the next seen yet.
I hope that clarifies a little bit.
I think I have actually seen the first portion in a couple of choice of games titles, but I am not entirely sure. As far as I know it’s annoying, but not that big of a deal. Still,.