Choices not showing up, the coding is correct


Hello there,
I am having an issue with code. I look through the coding of one of my pages, and when I tested the game, the choices are not showing, when the coding is correct. what could be the problem?


Whether you think it’s right or wrong, please post your code - we can’t sit making idle guesses.


Before I post this code, just a warning that this is an adult game I am coding. if you’re offended, please don’t read.

*title A slave's Life
*author Melody
*comment the following is an adult game only.
*comment if you are not an adult, please close the game now.
*comment If you are a parrent of a child who found this 

game, pleawse promptly delete it from this device. I will 

not be responsible for any actions taken by playing this 


*create Straight_female  false
*create straight_male false
*create lesbian false
*create gay false
*create dom "master"

You sit alone at home, searching through an online 

directory. You have been curious about a life you have never 

had before. With a click of your mouse you come upon a 

search result to fulfill your darkest secret, the desire to 

live as a submisive.


What combination do you prefer?

    *set straight_female true
    *set dom "master"
You're a straight woman, so you prefer a master.

    *set straight_male true
    *set dom "mistress"
    You are a straight man, so you prefer a mistress.

*set Lesbian true
*set dom "mistress"
    You're a Lesbian, so of course you prefer a mistress!


As far as I’m able to discern it seems fine, but your formatting got messed up when you pasted. Try re-pasting it, but before you save it highlight it and click on the “preformatted code” button so it’ll keep your formatting.


The choice command only tells the game that what follows underneath will be a choice. You need to provide more than one option indented for it to be valid. For example.

	# Female-master
		*set straight_female true
		*set dom "master"
		*goto female_master
	# Male-mistress
		*set straight_male true
		*set dom "mistress"
		*goto male_mistress
	# Female-mistress
		*set lesbian true
		*set dom "mistress"
		*goto female_mistress

*label female_master
You're a straight woman, so you prefer a master.
*label male_mistress
You are a straight man, so you prefer a mistress!
*label female_mistress
You're a Lesbian, so of course you prefer a mistress!

Also just a random warning. Sexuality is a very hot topic within in the COG community. It would be wise to tread lightly…


Thank you so much for the warning. I may not go forward with the game, as i do not want to offend others.


I don’t mean don’t write an adult themed game. Although you would certainly have difficulties if you wanted to publish anywhere. I mean sexual orientation has to be handled delicately. For example I noticed that your choices allowed for a female same sex option, but not a male one. Also to be dominated by a by a female, but not a male. Also there is no option for bisexuality for either gender. If you wanted to progress with the game people would certainly be asking why. I know that not everyone is comfortable writing from perspectives that they don’t find appealing personally, but if you wanted to tackle a project in this particular format you might want to consider it.


I like your game ideas, I have thought of similar ideas for SM games, I think it would be quite popular. But I really doubt Hosted Games would allow such titles to ever be published here. Like pyro said, it’s a fine line, for example, homosexual is apparently widely accepted here on HG as many games have allowed same sex courtship. But nudity, sex, abuse are a whole different can of worms, and slavery I would categorize it within abuse.