Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Not so. I chose to go along with Breden’s idea (because I love her so much). The traps were still utilized, and killed a fifth of the army.


Is that an achievement? Getting her to tell you that?


No, it does not give an achievement.


Also, Fatal, it’s not quite true. She admits to knowing a Kryptast code, not to being a Kryptast. We’ve extensively argued what this means on the other thread.


Which thread is it on? I just leaped to conclusion as soon as she gave me the Kryptast code.



I need to explore every options relasted to Breden before I can write a romance guide for her.


Just map out each new path. You can make it a work in progress.


Has there been much discussion on whether Horion and Linos have faked their own deaths? Personally I think they totally survive if you release them as friends, and they’ll show up in the next book or two. Just wondered if this has been considered much already?

Horion is a genius who knew his life was in danger from real actual assassins. This combined with the fact that he’s on a secret journey to meet a secret wizard, gives him plenty of reason to go into hiding / make everyone stop looking for him.

To quote the text:

Boss, they’re saying that the Archon’s cousin has been found dead

The only way we know he’s died, is because “they’re saying.” That’s it. Suspicious!


Then again, it’s entirely likely they did actually die. When you head to the Wards at the end of the game you go past Szeric, where you find the Pan has also been killed and the Alastors basically taken over. It’s easy to see how Horion and Linos’ assassinations were almost a prelude to that. Our Rebel Thuerge also bolted as soon as it happened.


I wonder if these machinations are related to the blood shortage? There was clearly some other big event prior to the MC’s rebellion that is causing the local hegemonic enforcers heartache.


True. Maybe Havenstone glossed over the whole “Fourth Harrowing in a year” thing with our rebellion. Maybe @idonotlikeusernames will point fingers at the Halassurq’s as per (:joy:), but they’re already supposedly at peace. And we have a tentative agreement with the Abhuman Federation.
So, this begs the question. Is something going on in Aekos, or is there going to be an expansion effort?


We also know that the level of corruption has been increasing lately - a generation ago, the Thaumatarch didn’t tolerate nearly as much out of the Alastors as he does now.

…The Thaumatarch is really dead and the Nine are just pretending otherwise.


I feel like I would most likely have forgotten all of the plot by then, which may or may not be a good thing.

Hopefully some sort of prologue reminder is coded in


Cold war, hot peace it’s all the same and in any case an unstable Hegemony is clearly to Halassur’s advantage, particularly if they can take Erezza, puppet Nyral and gain pastoral and backwards royal Shayard as their foremost neighbour as that would seem to result in the definite establishment of the “Pax Halassurqia” with them as the only super-power and foremost nation.
Presumably it also gains them lots of new slaves in the form of the population of Erezza, plus any refugees headed their way.

So that’s why his heir the Diadoch or something is even an ro, eh?


Its my first time here. I answer a very old post. I didnt managed to form the religion kenon with a 2COM 1CHA. I have 79 skepticism and i always expressed my skepticism (when i stopped the harrower and made a trial for exemple)
When you speak to hirion priest ask “why should we not kill you”. And he explain and then offer to make yourself the Chosen one. You can answer yes, laugh, thinking of a different way and transform the kenon philosophal word on a religion. But it fail


It needs 2 CHA for it to succeed.

I wish it was possible to do the kenon and be a theurge.
Might mod my game to do that.


Agreed! Still, like a lot of things in the game, there’s a good chance if we missed it in this book, in later book(s) we’ll have more chances to try these things again. For example, when becoming Eclect, there’s a clear option to refuse temporarily with a plan to accept the offer in a hypothetical future where you have the support of more Diakons.

Thus, it’s reasonable to think the same might occur with Kenon - at a later time and place, even an Intellect 2 MC could perhaps convert their band to Kenosis. At least, i hope so!


Is there a way to marry Breden AND get him to want children?


Not that I can see in the code! Breden mentions being possibly open to the idea of adoption in the hypothetical future but that’s about as much hope as I can find for you. :evergreen_tree: