Choice of Rebels: Stormwright (XoR2 WIP)


Crossed the 600,000 word mark today.



Warning Warning Soon I will replay first game

Cheers, Havie! and thanks for all you hard work



Havenstone’s Patience, his perseverance.




I know this has been asked often enough, but can I know why the WIP link is broken/unable to be accessed? Is the game finished enough to be released? The 1st rebels game was actually my 1st IF game so I am so pleasantly surprised to know that a 2nd game is coming out.

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It is? Try

It works for me just fine.

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Kinda confused why I have this problem. It always shows up as “Server not Found”. Never had this problem on any WIPs on any site like Dashingdon and the rest, my settings are all default anyway.

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Huh. Strange.


Hmm i would suggest try clearing your cache and start a fresh play from new link and give it a try then. If it still doesnt work there might be some kinda of software bug thats causing a hiccup.

3 Likes is moving to a new home, accessing a link to the old site may become problematic.

@Havenstone might want to have Dashingdon move a mirror image of his account to the new site and relink the demo.


Just posted a snippet on the writers’ thread:

And yes, any issues with Moody are down to the site moving and will be easily remediable. I’ll get right on that.


MFW even the non-nobles first move to alleviate debt is ‘do more slavery’. Burn 'em all istg.


*if helot
#They don’t care that all their solutions rest on enslaving folk like me. None of them even bloody see it.


Look, this is what happens when you have heretic priests running around telling the helots that they’re people. Hegemony just went too soft /s

Sad part is there’s 100% a good number of people in setting that would mean the above unironically.


Reynard de Eramant, on the other hand, is perfectly happy with helots being enslaved, so long as the Shayardene aristocracy is the one ruling the roost.

On that note, I have finished the broad outlines of one of my “canon” 2COM/1CHA Comp/Skep/Home Aristocrat builds, which I was drafting in the Discord. Hopefully he will have a fun time in Irduin!


Arduous fate of living in Hugh’s runs timelines, both failruns and victories.


Yeah, my mc would absolutely 1000% not be surprised there, which is why the whole rotten system has to be torn down and rebuilt from the foundations for the most part.

No, it is what happens when you have a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a “religion”. My mc doesn’t like the “herectic” priests either but for a different reason, being that their position regarding helots seems to indeed be a form of “animal” welfare mostly to soothe their own conscience and make them and the members of their flock who follow along with that feel good about themselves without actually changing anything on a fundamental level.


Yeah, I’d say that’s a more accurate interpretation of them as well for the most part. I think Olynna’s position is incoherent as both Aristo Father and Helot Father point out from opposite perspectives.


Universal equality and natural rights are relatively modern Enlightenment ideals. To people who lived before their broad acceptance, inequality in society was as natural as the rain. That in addition to the cosmic horror of what lies beyond the wards leads Olynna to want a more just society within the context she understands as natural and necessary. Just like the spread of Enlightenment ideas she doesn’t need to die to free the helots. She needs to see the not self evident truth (to her) that the current social order is not natural or necessary. That is part of why I think the “Theurgic Reformation” is such a powerful way to deal with the Hegemony. If everyone can be a theurge and see that harvesting aether is a relatively simple non-mystical process, then the foundation of the Hegemony’s social order is undermined. I’m pretty sure Olynna’s understanding of the world will carry her to rebellion once she learns that fact alone.


I don’t disagree with that which is why I rp both my aristocrat in XoR and my Infiniverse characters as being classist snobs to an extent, though pretty open-handed. I would agree we are often too generous to ourselves about what we’d think if the dominant value system in our societies was something other than liberalism.


My mc has seen life in the Xaos lands now it is harsh certainly but from his perspective the horrors are merely different there and life there is not by itself worse, again from his perspective as a former slave, than it used to be in the Hegemony. Granted we have yet to meet the unquiet dead and they may or may not be a scarier threat.

It is also a path that I think can only be credibly initiated by a noble at least if you want significant power yourself in the new order.

My mc would not be so sure of that and while it may be necessary to overlook the misdeeds of the lower orders of village priests and be content with merely cutting them off from the state funding trough and have them actually be dependent on their flock in the new religious market. It is still vital to diminish as much as possible the power of the Xthonic ideology and one very good way to do that is to have the former diakons competing against one another over what Xthonicism ought to be within the framework of a lawful religion.

Even if it did carry her to rebellion it may well be on the side of Laconniers who are most likely to simply make the slaves serfs instead if they change their status at all.

Which means that while, at some point, it will quite possibly become necessary to show some grace and mercy, thruth and reconciliation and all that to the lowest ranked (former)priests I’m afraid Olynna as a full ecclesiast is simply too high up the rungs and therefore too dangerous to pardon.
Now of course my mc does know how much she used to mean to his late mother, so she may actually be the only ecclesiast he’d ever shed a tear for but that won’t stop him from doing what, from his point of view, is necessary and must be done if and when it should come to that. And minus the tear that very likely goes for Linus too if they should meet again.