Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Ughhhhh. If you weren’t so cute, Sneaks, I would never let you live this one down.

Remember the pun rebellion? Why this thread got locked for… millenia? Ugghh.

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The pun rebellion will rise again!!!


Blackknight64, the PUNisher, reporting for duty.


Xthonos fellas, the finish lines right in front of us let’s not go rubbing salt on a dead theurge. Even if Havenstone is (clearly) hiding key information about the traitor by paywalling the marriage scene with Breden we’re nearly there anyway.


Mara probably gets to test it, since she just loves Breden. :wink:


Not quite, but close enough that I’m running Quicktest as I write to debug all the new material I’ve written this year. Just got a clean report last night. :slight_smile: The finish line is close. Well, having a complete draft, which will need all your feedback before it’s properly done.

Yeah, I don’t know, man. If it takes me this much work to hit half a million?

She played it for the first time back in the spring and liked it. So far, though, I’ve not been able to persuade her to contribute the cover art… not her genre, art-wise. I suggested we just superimpose a generic rogue image over one of her etchings, like this

but for some reason she wasn’t persuaded.

As for the coffee money, she’s well aware of how little it’s going to earn proportionate to the time that’s gone into it… but the advance will help get our family back to the US for Christmas this year, so that’s nice for all of us. :slight_smile:


Well you know how to code basically everything there is to do in Choicescript now, so programming should be easier next time, right? Unless you’re planning to implement a realm management layer of course. :sweat_smile:

In any case you may not believe it yet, but I think it will happen if all the branching possibilities continue.

I think it depends on whether you raid noble houses or not, since when the noble came to me, he said “you’re the first rebellion who hasn’t simply ravaged the nobility.”

No, you can raid the de Merre estate, but if you do you cannot simply slaughter the nobles as “excessive blood-lust or cruelty” is again what seems to repel Simon there. You can loot their valuables all you want (well as long as you stay below 20 anarchy anyway).

Hmmm…I haven’t played in a while now, @Havenstone have you decided on whether we can loot the de Merre’s horses now too?

Really like this game quite a bit. Played as a noble skeptic with some nationalist tendencies who would really like to become king of as much as possible. While there were some minor bugs, such as the tactical genius girl from the first harrowing interacting once with me even though she was dead since the beginning, it was all very enjoyable. And from reading comments here and seeing the achievements, replayability should not be an issue.

I imagine the Harrowing is actually important for some reason, although transforming it into some kind of fully voluntary, paid, operation should work as a useful and humaneish reform. Old, sick or poor people can end their lives for the greater good (once we figure out if there is a greater good to it all, of course) in exchange for a decent sum of money being granted to their family, or whoever they want. Almost like selling your organs…

Keep up the great work, @Havenstone!

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Harrowing is one of the worst possible ways to depart this mortal coil though, which is why my character is fighting to end the abominable practice for everybody.
Supposedly blood obtained from Harrowing is more magically potent then blood obtained through any other means, but still is a bit more magical potency enough to justify the practice of Harrowing?
The mc, if a mage, seems relatively potent already using just their own blood.

If my mc allows for something like what you’re proposing the blood won’t be obtained by harrowing, as again harrowing is the worst possible process of dying, trumping even Aztec sacrifice.

You mean, you think people are going to volunteer to put themselves into the medieval equivalent of an industrial woodchipper?

There’s got to be a better way of harvesting, or refining, aetherial blood. If blood is, at all, the only thing necessary to keep up Wards. Maybe we just need to throw people into the Haircutter or Wanker instead.


With no sedation and fully conscious as the highest degree of sheer terror seems to be required to make the blood more potent, or so we are told. :unamused:

The John Cleese vid wouldn’t work, look at how much precious blood they’re wasting. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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At least they didn’t waste the liver!

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Jokes on you! @Havenstone has written this whole series as a commentary on “Monsters Inc.” where it turns out laughter is the actually the superior energy source to terror…


Funny, I’ve just been thinking about Final Fantasy 7. You know, because it’s found out that the major power company uses dead people’s souls to keep your fridge running and your oven on? I like this whole “power the world with eldritch horrors” way more when it’s a twist.

Laughter my mc can do pretty easily, if you mean joy and genuine happiness on the other hand…
Hmm…he should have kept Linos around then that old man makes absolutely hilarious jokes. :laughing:


I now want to see a crossover where Zvad plays the role of Sulley. Breden could be Mike.


Please. Tree dude could be the yeti, too!

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Great, now I will forever be picturing Hector as a purple six legged monster. Sigh.