Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

No, no, you can still read it today. Ch 1, play as an aristo. Imagine that when you notice Breden, the game tells you not just that you’re noticing their attractiveness but that you, the MC, are attracted to them; and that the flashback makes clear that you’d fallen a bit in love. Read through to the end of the scene. Try to keep Mara’s description above of her role playing thought process in mind throughout. That’s it.


I see. Thanks for clearing it all up, Havenstone ^^. I’ll read it;

@Havenstone could you please upload the betas files so they become downloadable this game would be fun if there was a way I could fix the bugs myself thanks

@Havenstone is fixing the bugs and continues to work towards his publishing date - I think he mentioned in the thread here that he should be getting at least one more update out before the schedule advances to the next stage of testing.

Edit: Here you go:


yeah but I could download some of the files but I need all the files because some scenes cant be seen from the start up and I want to fix bug as I go but if nobody can post the full game files then it alright

You can see the code of games by following the instructions on the thread below.


Or in this case, specifically, you’d start with:

All the scenes are listed there in scene_list. Just change the last bit of the url from e.g. startup.txt to chirex.txt and you’ll be able to see them all, including saving them as txt files into your own choicescript folder if you like.

Fixing bugs in the current test version will take a lot of time – you probably won’t be done before I update to a new draft, with (no doubt) a new crop of bugs. But you’re welcome to have a go.


yeah I know but there is some scenes not listed in the start up scenes list

yeah but the error is a bad label always stops me from completing the first chapter

It’s because the second chapter has been disabled for now. Chapter 1 has no code to go to, therefore it bad labels. Wait until the next draft.


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There are no scenes not listed in the startup scenes list. There is the stats page: choicescript_stats.txt. Otherwise, everything is there in startup. What are you having trouble finding?

And what’s the bad label error you’re getting in Ch 1? That’s something I want to fix for everyone.


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He does have the gold chain around his neck…

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@Eiwynn It’s feathers and beads on a white string.

He’s a king in the source material, but you know… what you’re saying doesn’t actually contradict canon…


it was something in the chirex.txt although I don’t remember what was it

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