Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Not really there’s a significant class of “collaborators” ranging from nobles to priests to nearly all theurges to (possibly in case of a helot/slave rebellion only) the urban poor but “free” citizens. If we play our cards right it is likely that we can convince enough people that the Hegemony is bad and evil but “enough” people to win a rebellion doesn’t even have to be a majority.
It all depends on how many hardcore Hegemony supporters there are versus apathetic citizens and hardcore rebellion detractors (note these are not Hegemony supporters just detractors of our rebellion and in the worst case people who start their own competing rebellions).

Not entirely true, the Hegemony had super-weapons in the form of theurges that would have decreased the odds of defeating them to the odds the native Americans had of kicking the Europeans out. Even now nearly all theurges are the hardest core of Hegemony support because that’s ultimately where their power lies.

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I really enjoy playing through choice of rebels I’ve lost count of how many times I played through it

Thanks, Zeus – glad you’re enjoying it!

Hello there. :slight_smile: I’m still following this game and enjoying it very much. I also have a possibly stupid question xD. How is Xthonos pronounced? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause I’m one of those people who need to imagine their characters speaking and give them actual voice. xD

If I’m not mistaken, X is pronounced like a hard K/Ch sound.

So “Cthonos.” You know, like Xthulhu. :wink:

Exactly. It’s based on a real-world Greek root that’s entered English in the wonderful word chthonic – and I use what Wikipedia identifies as the OED rather than the AHD pronunciation. Not a remotely stupid question.

In my earliest drafts, it was “Chthonos” versus “Chaos”, but I tried Greeking it up a bit more with a chi (X) and liked the way it looked.

So wait, how does that mean Xaos is pronounced? Is it pronounced the same as chaos? I’ve just been going with X-aos and X-an-thonos.

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I’ve been pronouncing Xaos like this without the hyphens in between zz-oww-ss the x is replaced with the z sound oww as in oww my finger and ss well think of a snake hissing but say it yourself

Xaos is pronounced like Chaos. Again, X is a Ch sound here, not a Z sound.

Ok I figured that was the implication, wanted to make sure. Thanks.

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Okay I was just saying that’s how I’ve been pronouncing Xaos

The way the author pronounces it in his head is not mandatory on anyone else. :slight_smile:

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Soldiers is a decent song. I’d definitely recommend you listen to it. It fits this game more than most. This line works really well if your mc really cares for your followers and want to destroy the hegemony

" I stand here right beside you. Tonight we’re fighting for our lives. Let me hear your battle cry."

The song really captures what I imagine my rebels to be like during/just before a battle.

Btw what’s the word count up to now Havenstone?

Yay in your head :slight_smile:

That will be a major question of the last couple of games, which cover the later stages and aftermath of your rebellion. All the options you mention should be on the table.

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Permission to be redundant please

Awesome. I was really curious because this is one heck of a game. Not only one of the better demos on here but also one of the best CoG games, period. I look forward to playing the rest one day.

As do we all.
Maybe @Havenstone may yet give us an Xmas present this year.

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This is a very compelling first chapter. I wish you the best of luck in completing this story.

I see what you did there.