Choice of Rebels Guides (SPOILERS)


ah, so you split it as 1200 when the deer come, and the rest before the battle?


Or vice versa.

(20 characters)


What about the preists and the nobles? For the nobles because I am playing compassionate nobleman I said mercy instead of vengenace except for those who stood firm. Its only a difference of 5 noble points.


Well, that’s a difference of five enemy soldiers when the Phalangites come. Note that strictly by the guide, you’ll get massive Compassionate regardless of your picks.

As for the priests, they can be paid off right before the fight.


Here is my Guide:

Choose prologue story based on one of your 2 goal stats. (pick compassionate/ruthless, religious/skeptical, homelander/cosmo (only one where aristo can’t save someone)

Lower castes = get away from me, point to the other hill, check the woods.

Religious heresies = speak up 1st time when noble confronts the priestess, the rest doesn’t matter.

Customs = helot only, listen silently both times, keep singing.

Choose love interest: Brenden, swordmaster, firebrand. If you want the swordmaster/firebrand then make sure Brenden is the opposite sex of what you want them to be. Ex: I want swordmaster girl, then brenen must be male.

Pick a normal first name, and an old noble second name or both old for more homelander.



Teaching gives 10 literate, but -5 noble opinion. Up to you.

Swordplay and combat.

Sword or daylight.

Out of town.

Trials before execution.

Of course not.

Take phials

Has a point.

To the woods quickly (no raiding)

Radmar thank the angels gives radmar relationship a boost of a point. Coldly adds a negative point.

Lash out bitterly if you want to exile Brenden early. I say I trust Brenden so I can use during winter.

Share beliefs.

Zvad due to banditry or Brenden. Up to you. (According to the code, Brenden has better effects as deputy when you complete major events, seemingly with or without her actually there, for example, morale and opinion boosts.)

Koine. If cosmo, homeland language if homeland.

0 mules.

Rob the rich.

Rations to healthy amount for sick, reduced for the healthy.

I handle the details.

No sale/purchase.

Pick fight the enemy army, run, or infiltrate. If fighting, use Radmar as much as possible, make sure you have 60-80 more weapons than adults, and make sure you train. Pick Eclaist (more control, less troops) or Inner voice (less control more troops) If fighting, keep Brenden under 6 leadership as per instructions. If running use Brenden as much as you want (she has huge mission success bonuses. Note: if your fighting the traps help when skirmishing or avoiding the enemy army because your scouts lead the enemy into the traps, if your not you need at around half of your band to be literate (teaching doesn’t make the literate right away, it takes a few times for each) to infiltrate the helot homes at the end. Also note, the more literate your band is the higher morale and helot opinion will be when the literacy check happens at week 10. Also, high literacy will likely open many windows in the future parts of the game.

Harrowing: trial, no robbing. (3 anarchy)

week 1: (0 mules for sick) (rations healthy amount for sick, reduced for healthy)
acquire more mules, scout alastors,
brenden mule beg (bred_lead +1)(do not do if fighting)
mule raid yeoman (1 anarchy)(-25 yeoman opinion)

scout garrisons.
scouting taxman, find noble, an odd thing, I laugh, ( adds 5 to nobles opinion)
farm raid yeoman (1 anarchy) (-5 yeoman opinion) all but 2

nothing to do with the bloody art.

Eat Healthy.

I go tent to tent.

week 2 (0 mules for sick) (everyone votes)
fence 2 mules, buy 57 food.
work with merchants, zvad intro, apologize if zvad isn’t deputy,
recruit (send Brenden if not fighting) (all but 2)

week 3 (buy 0) (gathering of all adults, moot homeland, apella cosmo, -1 anarchy option next week) (0 buy)
more mules, raid alastors and monastary, lead personally, bring elery, use plan, join us. (1 anarchy)

no reassurance.
farm raid yeoman (1 anarchy) all but 2.
provide mules for the sick.

week 4 (possible theurge Flyover) (no sell or buy, unless you need 1-10 food then buy)
group judge (-1 anarchy, +5 yeoman, +5 hel, +5 morale)

radmar how is poric for relationship boost.
recruit w/ Brenden fighting or not, to get her out of the way (bred_lead +2) all but 37.
attack alastor garrison (both elery and radmar) (cut hand + small changes with magic) (do not raid town) (4 anarchy)

week 5 (sell 1 mule buy food) (possible theurge flyover)
sabotage Harrower, go personally, only 1 way to inspect, crawl inside, sabotage with sand.

recruit (anyone but Brenden) [unless 190-210 healthy adults, then hunt and mass teach)

week 6 (no mules for sick if 1st theurge flyover happened) (0 buy/sell)

(Morale should be generally positive and the babies are born, named for you)
mule raid yeoman (1 anarchy)
farm raid yeoman (1 anarchy)

week 7 (no mules)
possible merchant smuggling mission

possible Rob taxman, bring zvad, cut hand, many small changes, recruit guards, taxman lives. ( 6 anarchy )

keep taxman mules for sick (16)
recruit or mass teach.


week 8 (0 mules for sick)
possible merchant smuggling mission

possible Rob taxman, bring zvad, cut hand, many small changes, recruit guards, taxman lives. ( 6 anarchy )

harrower explodes, send Brenden (bred_lead +2)(1 anarchy)

farm raid yeoman (1 anarchy)


week 9-10 ( Should have 20 Anarchy here so only sell 1-2 mules as needed to buy food and hunt w/ 50)

possible Rob taxman, bring zvad, cut hand, many small changes, recruit guards, taxman lives. ( 6 anarchy )

recruit if below 180-200 healthy adults, otherwise hunt, trap and teach until you reach the deer. If asked to increase rations, do so for only 1 week, then go back to normal.

After the deer arrive and you have the option to shop, sell all your mules but 16. Buy the priest visit for morale, buy arms enough for all of your adult outlaws +20, pay to train them, then give 800 to the healots, 6200 to the yeoman.

If going homelander, say liberate shayard (+20 homelander, +10 yeoman)

If going cosmo, say liberate all 4 provinces (20% cosmo, -5 yeoman)

Relationship decisions…

Suzane arrives, accept him/her into the band, give back sword.

Change name if cosmo. Keep if homelander.

Send simon/suzane to bring the travelers in. Treat them with respect, as honored guests, as you can see, pragmatic outlaw, Linos, Talk with Linos without any threats, choose your religious path.

Speak with Horion, again with respect, I don’t know what’s nature and whats law, keep to your chosen beleifs in the discussion, free the lands and lead who follow me OR new empire.

(bred_lead +3) If inner voice, ask Brenden for help, new sacrament, But to all who turn away from their oppression, we will show mercy and compassion.

Vengeance—but to those who stood firm, the rule which is their birthright.”

-“Mercy.” -“Mercy.” -I change the words. "And may our mercy kindle compassion in the hearts of wrongdoers, turning them from their ways."

If elect, If Eclect, don’t mess with a new Sacrament.

Take Horion Hostage. If Elect some acceptable negative effects.



My route is up there in the guide. Being arrogant doesn’t mean you can’t show a li’l noblesse oblige.



Could I go the Inner Voice route and still be able to fight? The Eclect route is pretty eh to me, but I also really wanna stand my ground and face them rather than just run off into the woods.


It’s possible but difficult. You need to keep Breden and Simon/Suzane on the outside as much as possible, and empower Radmar for the same reason.


So I restrain my use of Breden, and use Radmar as much as I can?


Correct. (Caveat: You’re going to have to use Breden to get the Inner Voice, so you have that much less fudge factor to use him/her otherwise.)


Hey! I’ve made a 100% Achievement Guide for Uprising:

It’s ended up being pretty big, so I won’t copy/paste it here. But I’ve put it on the link above, and hope some people find it helpful. Let me know any questions or suggestions as I’m no veteran guide writer and happy to improve it.

Thanks and hope you enjoy. :gift:


Hey! Really loved the game, and just wanted to say that I was actually able to get through the end chapter WITHOUT Bredan poisoning anyone (though i still doubt it was her, could’ve been someone else) I sent her into town with i believe half, the children and a few adults (had chosen to split up and hide in the towns) in the end the people who had stayed behind died and I was forced to run past the wards.

Update: I’ve also done another game while at work, running ahead will get you THREE damned hounds if you harass the nobles and priests to much, however I’ve survived with roughly three hundred and fifty (rounded up don’t remember the exact number but it was over 300) and only lost some 80 people to the soldiers and hounds, after this they pull back and you (and someone else if you so choose) leave past the wards.

CANT WAIT for the next game xD looking forward to it!


could someone tell me how I recruit simon /suzane de firiac?


Hey, just reach the end of Chapter Two with:

Anarchy less than 21
If you raid the Noble Estates during Winter, don’t kill the de Merre noble family.
If you raid the Hegemony Temple during Winter, don’t use Theurgy on the Ecclesiast.


Is it possible to defeat Hector’s veneurs as a bait without theurgy? If not, who’s the best person to act as a bait?


Kalt does very well as bait.


What about Simon/Suzane?


I managed to do it with a COM2 Noble who is in love with Hector, by sending him a message and then asking Calea to give me information on the veneurs. Then I acted as bait and threw a javelin on his horse.


Is it possible to recruit Sybla after she trains your rebels?


Nope. That’s something your character is meant to fail at.