Choice of Games authors/ Hosted Games authors - presence on the forums

@jasonstevanhill, @HannahPS Thank you both for answering my question. To be honest I always under the impression that when you do open WIPs then all those people can notice more things than the selected few if you do closed betas. Never thought of things like hearing too many peoples opinions could be overwhelming and stuff like that tho it makes sense now that I think about it.


I think above and beyond what @jasonstevanhill said, there’s the difference that WIP authors and forum participants come here for fun–not that writing a game isn’t work, but it’s for fun (and profit, if they finish and publish) while CoG authors are often doing this in addition to a full-time job, which cuts down on their fun time already. So it’s not just more work, it’s more work that isn’t hobby-esque.


It’s the same reason we have the “no update questions” rule. Y’all get excited and mean well, but all the attention and pressure can be a lot for someone.


Hmm… this is true. Interesting.

I always found that CoG titles are more like… classical piece of stories while HG are more stats-reliant.

Of course not every title, though. I’d consider TWC as leaning towards the “classic” while XoR are both.

Speaking of game-design in IF, I feel compelled to make a series of topic that talk about it, just like @Eric_Moser’s series on “Craft of Writing.” :eyeglasses:

But then, I’m no published author yet, nor a writer :sweat_smile:
Just someone that likes to mess up with stats and their use in CoG/HG shories.

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Yes–for someone who’s not relying on it to put bread on the table, and who gauges success primarily in terms of the numbers who read and enjoyed it, as well as my own satisfaction with the finished game. :slight_smile:

It even did better than my original profit target, which was to pay for the quantity of coffee that went into its production.

As an economic proposition, though, it’s still a ways off being remunerative. It’s a labor of love, not a livelihood.

I’m absolutely planning to write Game 2 with forum input as well–but I understand why others might not.


I’d like to add a bit from my multiple perspectives as well.

Some authors do visit here but often lurk without interacting. kgold, and others will often pop in and contribute to the various topics that interest or are of an interest them but will usually not engage in the majority of topics and threads made.

A lot of the authors have developed resources outside of this community, often acting as readers’ groups where they feel more comfortable getting feedback for their alphas/betas because of various reasons, including but not limited to familiarity, trust and knowledge of the people involved.

Now that I have pending material that will be published (sooner or later) I am often thinking more of what and how to engage with everyone - I, unfortunately, have had to cut down on my reading of WiPs due to time and creative reasons and that bothers me because I really want to help others succeed.

I do think if there was an author dedicated sub-forum where authors could communicate peer to peer in a more controlled environment and if CoG staff encouraged their stable of authors to visit and peruse the sub-fora that there would be more activity. Many of the topics that authors would be really interested in (ie. Marketing, writing theory, and practices etc) sometimes gets lost in the general forums.

Lastly, the social media thing is a focus for many that take up a lot of their time. Time already is a limited quantity for most authors.

I do think that if promoted a little more seriously and coherently then as a hobbyist endeavor this forum actually is a very focused and worthwhile resource. Authors like Seraphim from other market segments that intersect the IF gaming (Virtual Novels) would find this forum a true gateway into the IF-fiction world.


I don’t post too much because I’m working on the final edits of my first CoG at the moment, and like Jason said, I also have full time work elsewhere. I’ll certainly be happy to engage with readers once my game is released though. I’m extremely excited to see how you folks like it! That said, I’ve always been more of a forum lurker than a poster. Just how I roll, I guess! :slight_smile:


I guess that’s because a lot of the HG authors are also forum users, or at least begin as forum users before branching into writing their stories. They’re already here, and it’s no wonder why some many of them stay, or at least post and comment a lot more.

Incidentally, I think the direct dialogue between HG writers and their readers is one of the reasons why some of the brand’s games are so beloved, like the Infinity saga, Tin Star, and Community College Hero.

When you’re a professional working under the main line, you might not be a member of this niche per se, and you might see your game as an experiment, or a gig, without having had the forum as a mediator. That’s not wrong, mind you, the fact that we’ve had so many writers from distinct walks of life explains the diverse array of games released. But I suppose that comes with having to write for a living: you don’t have a lot of the time to be on the forum, a place quite a few writers never began on, and you have to move on to your next project.

Those are my two cents, anyway, and I don’t think there’s a wrong or right way to look at it, nor do I think not spending time around here is bad or anything like that.


Time, basically. (20 characters)


I shall give your comment a like.


I find that funny because I think I saw your game on the upcoming choice of games. I saw the summary the game “Blood Money,” and I thought “I need to play and buy this game.”


That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy it once it’s out in the world! :smile:


Tbh you are my favorite commenter anyways. Everything you post is always pure gold and I look forward to reading your replies. I’m happy you enjoy talking to us as much I to you. :heart::blush:

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I’d also add that, beside everything else, becoming a part of a new forum and its community, no matter how welcoming a one it is, can be a daunting task. At least for me.

Edit to add: And the times it was successful have been the times it happened organically rather than when I was trying to force it.


So the Himalayan curative coffee pool retreat will become a reality after all. :grin:

All I can say to that is… Yay!


This is the answer. :slight_smile: I lurk a lot, but I rarely have time to respond to much. Sometimes I answer more than other times.