Choice of Alexandria -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED


Hi! I sent an email to you!


Sent an email too. Feedback for previous thing in there too.


Please don’t type out my email address like this. There are reasons why I don’t do it myself.


Sorry, I didn’t think.


I sent an email yay!


Hello, I sent a mail ! :slightly_smiling:


I sent an email a couple of days ago.


I’m sure he’ll respond as soon as possible… I can only imagine how difficult it must be to keep track of all the people who want access to the Beta and how time consuming it must be for 1 person to reply to all the mails… >.<
So we should all be patient although I have to admit that I’m pretty curious for this game as well :wink:


I originally was not going to say anything (not knowing the protocol) but i keep seeing people post that they sent an email. I did not mean to push, only to try to inform. Apologies if it seemed I was pushing.


Unfortunately, no more beta access emails will be sent out before tomorrow.


I’m sorry if my comment sounded mean-spirited… because I can totally understand you, I mean I’m really looking forward to Beta Test this game as well… >.<


Hi @Jason I sent you a couple of emails for access to this game. If you and I have problems of any type let me know what you might not like about stuff. I usually do a run threw of the game and if I find stuff in my testing I will tell you them, but when I do stuff for choice of games I can’t do the replays because I feel like the story I create with my first chareter is like my canon storyline that sticks with me as my version of the games story so that’s why I only do it once.


You have to be patient remember they lots of people are trying to get into the beta.He is only one person so just be a little patient.


Hello! I don’t want to be pushy. I was just wondering if you were still accepting betas? I sent an email to you Monday morning but never got a response. Just curious.:slight_smile:


Please read the comment above.


New draft up!

And yes, I’m aware the stats screen is causing the game to crash. I don’t need any more reports about it.


The stats page is fixed.


I sent you an email don’t know if you got it


I have sent my email


Hey Jason if you get a chance see if you got my access emails, the last one I sent you would have been two days ago just making sure you got it otherwise I’ll send another.