Checkpoint saves

I don’t have much to add except for the fact that I don’t know how hard it’ll be to implement a back button, and whether, economically, it is worth it.

IMO the best option, if we could just have it for free and takes no time to develop, would be the save system in Magium, but still keeping the levels of quality and structure of CoG games

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The world we all want to live in.


Exactly haha, I mean if we could get all this new stuff just like that, with no time or effort, there’s so much stuff that could be added, such as difficulty modes for all games, leaderboards, etc.

I will say people could just tell CoG they want a save system (and then actually buy games with a save system), which, considering it’s a business, should be effective.

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I don’t think a back bottom would be good at all for how long these games are. Having to press back a thousand times is not much better than having to press next a thousand times to get to the point you want to.

What we need is a save system or failing that at least a decent checkpoint system.

I really, really think COG needs to rethink this. The games have really changed in both length and nature since the start and the lack of saves, really prevent me (and I am sure others) from replaying.

@fairlyfairfighter there is only one or two games with an actual save system (not counting continue from one game to the next). So we can’t vote with our vallets here.


We’re not adding back buttons or checkpoints anytime soon. We’ve had this conversation numerous times already. No need to rehash it.